Ukraine: Best Players Summoned for National Championships

Время публикации: 11.11.2014 23:22 | Последнее обновление: 12.11.2014 14:48

Ivanchuk is taking part for the first time in the latest 10 years

The Ukrainian Championship has started in Lviv today. The round-robin of 12 participants includes eight players of the national top 10.

Out of this list, everyone except Fedorchuk is present in Lviv now, including Vassily Ivanchuk, who is fighting for the national championship for the first time in the latest 10 years, and the incumbent champion Yuriy Krivoruchko. The remaining participants are Stanislav Bogdanovich, Alexander Kovchan, Alexander Zubarev and Alexander Zubov. Kuzubov, Zubov and Zubarev represent a kind of the Ukrainian 'trident' ('zub' stands for 'a tooth' or 'a dent' in Russian - CN).

You can find the crosstable, schedule, and the other relevant information on the special tournament page.

President of Ukrainian Chess Federation is greeting the players

Drawing of lots. Anton Korobov gets No. 9

Besides, the women's Ukrainian Championship will also start at the same venue soon; round 1 will be played after tomorrow, so that the championships could come to an end simultaneously. The field of the 9-rounds round robin is impressive too: both Muzychuk sisters, Mariya and Anna, will be present, as well as Anna Ushenina and Natalia Zhukova.

The Muzychuk sisters are two top female Ukrainian players, according to the current FIDE rating list



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