Sochi. From Petrosian to Tal. Blitz (Day 1).

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

Yesterday was the rest day only for Carlsen and Anand: everyone else was waiting for Arkady Dvorkovich to arrive. While the chairman of the organizing committee (and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia) was on his flight to Sochi, twelve invited GMs were fighting for the prize money of $100000 in the Tal Memorial Blitz.

Photos by Mikhail Sholudko and Evgeny Surov

The regulations of the Tal Memorial have been published at last...

The new arbiters and service men have arrived as well, and the Dvorkovich Drawing Room was more crowded than usual.

Mamedyarov was just a beast tearing his opponents to pieces. The only female participant has become no exception.

The children's events are over; the young talents are just enjoying their stay in Sochi and waiting for the prize-giving ceremony.

Boris Postovsky is a very famous figure of the chess world. Just a couple of days ago, he was the chief arbiter of the Petrosian Memorial.

But this time Postovsky was only the deputy chief arbiter. The main one was Alexander Tkachev.

Vladimir Kramnik: 'In the first day, I've blundered about half a chess set'.

The spectators.

'What can we do? Mamedyarov is so far ahead...'

The 4th tournament in a row is no problem for Gelfand at all. Note that he scored 2.5/3 in the finish in Moscow.

Peter Leko, one of the few foreign participants. He has also come straight from the Petrosian Memorial (where he had lost exactly to Gelfand in the final round).

The official commentator of the match also knows a thing or two about blitz.

Russian GM Pavel Tregubov was closely following all Kosteniuk's games. Regrettably for Alexandra, it didn't quite help.

Relaxing between the battles - each his own way.

Probably this photo (and the next one) will help you understand why Shakh was so successful in the tournament.

And now we are serious again. Arkady Dvorkovich has arrived!

The penultimate round has been delayed so that the chess and government high official could watch it live.

Dvorkovich has given out many authographs, usually with his personal wishes for each. Then he went to inspect the 'object' (as the venue is being called by the government officials)...

...and to buy a jacket with the Russian symbolics on it.


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