Sochi: Tal Memorial Finish, Children's Chess Holiday

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

Yesterday, the match has been almost out of focus in the Sochi Media Center. The main action took place in the morning, when the participants of the Champions and Award Winners children's tournament were being awarded.

The Russian children were having a real chess holiday: the chess cake from Arkady Dvorkovich, many prizes and souvenirs, the attention from outstanding GMs.

The cake wasn't for decoration only!

The winner of the children's event, 12-years-old FM Andrey Esipenko, who is considered one of the most promising young Russian players.

Meanwhile, the Tal Memorial Blitz was entering its crucial phase. The day was really eventful...

For a child who enjoys chess, spending time in a company like this must be a really memorable event.

Sergey Karjakin with his wife Galiya.

Between the rounds, the high officials went downstairs to attend yet another children's event, as well as the presentation of the chess textbook 'recommended by FIDE'.

Alexandra Kosteniuk trying hard to pull herself together. But the blitz form is something not to be predicted. Even though she was obviously the weakest participant of the Tal Memorial, her final 2/22 were just disastrous.

From left to right: Mark Glukhovsky, Nikita Kim, Ilya Merenzon.

The arbiters of the Tal Memorial Blitz

Before the tournament, one could have hardly imagined Boris Gelfand to be tied for the 3rd place after his 1.5 month maraphon. However, Boris has proved the sceptics to be wrong once again.

Arkady Dvorkovich and Major of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.

The Tal Memorial winner with a girl whose name is Ekaterina.

Photos by Mikhail Sholudko and Evgeny Surov


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