Sochi: Chess Fairytale Completed by Kramnik and Tomashevsky Simuls

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

For the whole week, I've been looking on the children in the Dvorkovich Drawing Room with admiring envy: one doesn't have chess childhood like this too often. Nevertheless, they are the winners and medalists of World and European youth championships, not some ordinary children.

The simuls given by Vladimir Kramnik and Evgeny Tomashevsky were the final chapter of their Sochi chess fairytale.

The children would go back home the next day (as well as most of the participants of the Tal Memorial).

For some technical reasons, the simuls have begun an hour earlier than scheduled, and some of the children have been late. When Katya Goltseva arrived, there were already no seats in the Kramnik's simul, so that she could play only against Tomashevsky. The girl burst into tears: she had already prepared to play against Kramnik... To some extent, her tears could be understood, as she had already drew Kasparov, and maybe Tomashevsky isn't already the match for her!

Despite this upset, Goltseva managed to draw Tomashevsky as well. In fact, she became the only one in the whole simul.

Had she played against Kramnik she would probably haven't been as successful, because the former World Champion spared no one.

Dmitry Tsoi lost to Tomashevsky but put up great resistanse. His game was the last one to finish; afterwards, Evgeny praised the Moscow kid's play a lot.

Meanwhile, in the main playing hall...

Frankly speaking, it's hard for me to understand all this fuss about the mutual oversight by two great players. Errors, or 'blindness', are the intrinsic part of human chess, including the World Championships. It's so easy for us to criticize the players, watching the games on our screens with chess engines turned on. We even pretend to be great prophets, as if history would have turned the different way had somebody seen some tactical trick...

And what if Anand chose a better opening? If he played more persistently in the 5th game? If Carlsen couldn't play his favourite basketball or football because of the weather? If...

The match is just halfway through, and nothing is clear so far. If Vishy found 26...Nxe5, nothing would be clear either.  

In some 10 days, we'll find out who is better in the match. Now I'd suggest that we just relax and enjoy the pictures by Mikhail Sholudko.

What are these pins the regional chess officials are wearing?

That's what.

This mysterious man is Evgeny Kramnik, Vladimir's Kramnik brother.


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