Chess Isn’t Welcome at Olympic Games. Andrey Filatov: “We Need to Concentrate on Paralympics”

Время публикации: 11.12.2014 01:44 | Последнее обновление: 11.12.2014 13:37

Chess can’t become part of the Winter Olympiad. This decision was made by the International Olympic Committee at the session held in Monte-Carlo.

“We did a lot to promote such an idea, - said the Head of the Russian Olympic Committee and former President of the Russian chess federation Alexander Zhukov. - There was a proposal to include indoor sports as a part of the Winter Olympic games and it was under serious evaluation. In that case chess might have been included, but in the end the delegates decided to promote an old principle saying that winter games only comprise snow and ice sports”.

However, the actual president of the Russian chess federation Andrey Filatov thinks that FIDE should do its best to include chess in winter Paralympics programme. “Currently we have continents that are not included in the Paralympic movement, while chess shall give them this chance. It would be right to do it. This might promote chess and would allow many summer countries to participate in Winter games. Just imagine a handicapped person living in Africa. Where is he supposed to find snow and who is going to send him to participate in winter Paralympic games? While he can become a part of such Games through chess” – TASS news agency cites Filatov.


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