Wait For Surprise

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The football scoring at London Chess Classic promised a thrilling final round. The festive excitement wandered from VIP conference room to the commentary room - still anything could happen.

A devoted spectator occupied his seat in the sector looking right at the clash between the host and the ex-world champion. Did he know a lot would be decided exactly in this game?

Meanwhile Amanda was first to come to the commentators' room. The Casual Chess London project kicks off in January. Her excitement about the place where "absolutely everyone is welcome" to play in a "relaxed, friendly atmosphere" is hard not to notice. As it is organised by female players, other women players "are especially welcome" tells me Amanda. 

Vishy arrives first.

And gets to the scene last

But before any games let's not forget it is Christmas round the corner. The ultimate proof for which is Rajko Vujatovic's corresponding outfit.

The hypothesis was later backed by Peter Svidler who joined commentators via Skype.

As the round starts Hikaru demonstrates his own way of concentrating.

And back to the usual techniques. 

You may have seen his photos, but have you seen him at work? David Llada going for close-ups.

Yet Vishy didn't know he won the competition. Actually no one did. Maybe except these happy children.

Express analysis by the players right after the game. You can hear parts of it in the video

Applause for Vishy in the commentators' room.

Since the twist in the competition could happen at any time, playing a game myself seemed to me a reasonable way to cope with the excitement. James who participated in FIDE Open was surprised that he couldn't astonish me with his 1.f4. Due to excitement I believe he made some blunders which eventually helped me to come out on top quite luckily. 

Others also tried to cope with the excitement in their own ways. 

As Kramnik and Giri drew, it became clear football scoring could bring another surprise.

The director of the competition Malcolm Pein with his usual eye-catching accessories was also a frequent guest of the commentators' room. 

Another draw and a much awaited surprise came true - Anand surpassed Kramnik and Giri on a tiebreak to claim first. 

As everyone leaves the conference center, Tao, one of the most helpful staff members enjoys his 5 minutes break to tell about the plans and expectations: engaging more young players, bringing more women into chess, etc (yet, they have been waived the entrance fee in the Open). 

The gala dinner with the trophy handling is taking place today. It is supposed to raise money for the charity, so the next edition of London Chess Classics can happen again.


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