Karyakin Opens His Chess School in Moscow State University

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Yesterday evening, Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University was hosting a significant chess event.

The inauguration of Sergey Karyakin chess school has taken place within its walls.

The honorary guests were Dean of the Faculty of Law Alexander Golichenkov, RCF President Andrey Filatov, famous Russian grandmasters Alexander Morozevich, Aleksey Dreev, FIDE President's assistant Berik Balgabaev, and many others.

Sergey Karyakin and his wife Galiya talking to Alexander Bakh, the long-term director of the recently revived Aeroflot Open, and Sergey Smagin, Vice President of the Moscow Chess Federation.

As a sign of the school being opened, Karyakin presented the certificate to its first student. Then, after the end of the solemn part, he conducted a master class for the guests, including children and their coaches.

Karyakin - Giri, Tashkent 2014

'Law is similar to chess in many aspects: both involve rules, order, logical thinking. We would like the chess players who have entered the Faculty of Law, as well as its graduates, not to be dissosiated with chess. The lessons will be for different levels, from club players to the very beginners. Apart from the lessons, we are going to conduct tournaments and simuls. I'm going to read the lectures myself around once a month, and my fellow GMs are also going to participate. Right now, we are arranging all this in details', Karyakin had told the RCF website at the end of August 2014 while describing his intention to open the chess school.

After the 2-hours lecture, Sergey answered the questions, gave out the autographs and took part in the photo session.

Then the blitz tournament began, called the Blitz Cup of the Dean of the Law Faculty. It was a 7-rounds Swiss.

Morozevich and Dreev became the winners with 6.5/7 for each. The third place went to Kirill Kayukov, a student of the Moscow State University.

Alexander Golichenkov, Dean of the Law Faculty, with the unique cup which had been made of metal by a Law Faculty graduate. The names of the winners will be engraved on it, but the cup itself will remain at the Faculty of Law.

Yuri Dokhoyan, the coach of the evening's main hero (and the former coach of the Russian olympic team), was also among the guests.

Photos: moscowchess.org, facebook.com/chessmgu


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