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A direct flight from Moscow brought FIDE President to Ganja at around 15.00 local time. Chief organizers of the Vugar Gashimov Memorial - directors of Synergy Group company, and head managers of the Azerbaijan Chess Federation - were waiting for him in the VIP hall.

This is the window the welcomers were looking through. The plane with the honorary guest on board is visible in the distance.

And this picture is as if taken by Ilyumzhinov himself. The car with a driver is at his disposal. The procedure of leaving the airport was as convenient as possible. There is no luggage, and no need of it - he will be provided with everything.

Why to hang on to power for so many years, one might wonder.
Who will welcome you in a VIP hall if you don't arrange the elections? Who will drive you wherever you want in a luxurious car? Who will need you at all?
Pre-election expenses (let's put it this way) are a trifle compared to what is at stake.

* * *

Here, at the entrance to the Heydar Aliyev Centre, everyone was welcomed, not only the honorary guests.

I'm not sure there was any person among the arriving guests who first of all decided to take a glass of juice or wine from a tray. Some things, however, are done for the sake of beauty and prestige, without any practical meaning. The East, as everyone knows, is a delicate matter.

Gasim Gashimov and Sarkhan Gashimov. These two men were closest to Vugar.

Some people are doing fine, some aren't yet. The picture above shows the difference clearly.

Alexander Khalifman, Vladimir Tukmakov, Vladimir Chuchelov - three prominent coaches in a row.

This is the first time Maxime Vachier-Lagrave came to Shamkir.

Each time Vugar's father would come to the stage I would have the same thought - this tournament had better not exist. The combination of words "Vugar Gashimov Memorial" had better be left for the next generations. I wish I didn't know anything about this wonderful Azeri town - where the saddest super tournament is taking place for the second time.

We, all of us, are here to remember you, Vugar.


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  • On the free day of the Shamkir tournament there is traditionally a football match. As last year, four teams were playing. In the semifinals, the chessplayers of Azerbaijan and the rest of the world, alas, lost to the teams of journalists and organisers/sponsors. But Magnus Carlsen played in the final as a guest for the organisers/sponsors' team, strengthening an already strong team. He was the outstanding player on the pitch. 

  • Shamkir ready to hold two competitions dedicated to Vugar Gashimov's memory. The participants of the A group are Carlsen, Caruana, Nakamura, Karjakin, Mamedyarov and Radjabov. 

    Participants of B group are Wang Hao, Woijtaszek, Bacrot, Motylev, Eljanov, Mamedov, Safarli, Guseinov, Durarbeyli and Abbasov. 

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  • The Shamkir tournament is coming to an end, and the journalists are already asking the players to sum up the results. However, the leader, but not yet crowned winner, Magnus Carlsen, requested that such discussions be postponed until tomorrow. "I consider that while the tournament is going on, one should not look back." 

  • On the free day, the players in the Shamkir tournament can only dream of a quiet day's recreation. At 12.00 local time, seven GMs gave a simultaneous display to local children at the chess school.

  • In the fifth round of the Shamkir tournament, Fabiano Caruana played White against Anish Giri and obtained real chances to record his first win.

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  • Last week, Vugar Gashimov was remembered not only in Shamkir, but also in Moscow. In the House of Nationalities, a second international tournament was held in memory of the prematurely-deceased grandmaster.