Vladimir Kramnik: "I trust everyone, but it would be better to check..."

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E.SUROV: With us is Vladimir Kramnik. Greetings! Tell me, when you have two Whites at the start, do you have any special strategy? It is clear that such cases in your practice must have occurred countless times in different tournaments. Should you go for maximum points at the start? Or is it just a regular tournament?

V.KRAMNIK: Once I got burned on this: three years ago at the Tal Memorial, I drew number one and got two consecutive Whites. I felt I had to make the most of this, but ended up with half-point out of two, and, in general, the tournament did not go well. Then I realized that you just need to play safely, no matter what color you have in the first two games. Well, if you make two draws - what to do? All one's competitors are strong, so it is not the end of the world. In London too, I drew number one and started with two Whites. Since then, I realized that it does not mean anything, you just have to play quietly. Especially today - the first round, and I have not played for a long time, plus acclimatization and so on. I decided to play a quiet line. I just played and, in general, I forgot that I have two whites in a row.

E.SUROV: At the press conference you said that you got up later than planned – at 1.15, that is, less than two hours before the game. Do you have a special regime during the tournament? Weren't you annoyed with yourself for violating it?

V.KRAMNIK: And what is the violation, if you just can not sleep? In addition, there is three hours' time with Europe. In fact, I realized that this could be a problem - at least in the early days, and I'm going to wake up late, because I still have not completely got onto this time zone. In any case, of course, I would like to get up early. But, on the other hand, I also fell asleep late, and anyway, the most important thing - it's still sleep! Therefore, if you are late getting to asleep, you have to sleep, so to speak, until you wake. Sleep is always more important than the extra half hour to prepare or relax before the game. I decided that, at least in the first few days I will get as much sleep as I can. In addition, the trip was not easy - I was flying all night, so with the time change as well, I did not sleep all night. Now I need to catch up. Last night, I slept twelve hours, which is a bit too much. But the main thing is, during the games, to be as fresh as possible. Of course, I will try to fall asleep a bit earlier (and today too) and get up early to get in a normal game mode.

E.SUROV: Your opponent tomorrow ­is Wesley So, I want to ask you in connection with the recent case: what do you think of defaulting him? What would you do if you see that your opponent makes some non-chess notes?

V.KRAMNIK: I personally do not care - it is not distracting, I do not worry, so I would not have done anything. But on the other hand, there are rules, whatever they may be ... I do not see much of a difference, whether a person writes something during the game or not, but if the rules say no, they must be followed. And considering that there were two warnings, it is logical that he was forfeited. At first I did not know that he had been warned, and I thought it was madness that he was forfeited. But after two warnings ... In principle, the referee should do something. Of course, the story is just stupid, crazy, but at least, I hope that these precedents will not be repeated. I must say, I don't understand Wesley - why did he continue to do it? It is not even a question of principle: once you have warned, do not do that anymore. It is a rather strange story ...

E.SUROV: You say, "I do not care," and I immediately thought of the famous case of Kasparov, in the sense that you somehow adapted to his facial expressions, which so affected the majority of his rivals. So you have kept this quality of being indifferent to how the opponent behaves?

V.KRAMNIK: No, if it really interferes with my concentration, say, he shakes the table or something else ...

E.SUROV: And what disturbs you personally?

V.KRAMNIK: The same as any other person, what is really distracting is shaking the table, or thumping the clock. We have one player that often does that. I think not on purpose, but nevertheless. All this, of course, is disturbing. I think that in that case, I would have gone to the arbiter. But Kasparov never did anything against the rules of chess, and the face-pulling is just up to each person. How can anyone be defaulted for a facial tik? Just if there are rules, it is a matter of principle - the rules must be respected, whatever they may be. So, I think, in this situation, the referee did the right thing. Although, of course, the situation is silly and sad, and for general Wesley it is something strange. But what to do?

E.SUROV: Another question about the recent case of cheating. You know that a player was caught recently. Can you say that on your level, such problems do not exist? Or do you still worry about it and keep an eye on your competitors?

V.KRAMNIK: Sure, everyone is a bit worried.

E.SUROV: But is there really a problem, or is it just theoretical?

V.KRAMNIK: If it can theoretically occur, then it already could happen, that's the point. But it is difficult to deal with, especially in Opens. Although something needs to be done. I heard that there is a commission that deals with this issue - I do not really know what they are doing. A year and a half ago, I met with the Commission and even told them what to do, what possibilities there are, to fight this. But I do not know if my opinion was taken into account or not.

E.SUROV: It is for open tournaments or for all tournaments?

V.KRAMNIK: For all tournaments in principle. But it is clear that in Opens, firstly, it is much more difficult to prevent, since the budget for open tournaments is usually not as large as in other tournaments, and the fight against cheating still requires some financial expenses. But I think that something must be done explicitly. It's like a football tournament of UEFA - if you want it to be taken seriously, you have to take action. I believe that it is necessary to introduce a rule: if there are not some kind of anti-cheating measures, the tournament is simply not counted. So, if it is an open, people come and play for money, without any rating gains or losses, and that's that. I think organisers should be forced to take some action, even if it is minimal. There are very serious measures that virtually eliminate cheating, and although it's pretty expensive and not so easy, I think they also need to be used. But really, at the very least, there should be metal detectors ...

E.SUROV: And in this tournament, in your opinion, are there enough anti-cheating measures?

V.KRAMNIK: I do not even know if there's any action or not. But no one checked me, nor anyone else. Again, I trust everyone, but it would be better if these measures were there and as detailed as possible. Basically, I am always for it, but then again, it is a question for the organizers, and FIDE that needs to make it absolutely mandatory, like in the Champions League – there, there even have to be special seats in the stadion, and all many of other requirements, that simply must be followed, otherwise you just can not play at that stadium. It seems to me that we should do the same, in both super tournaments, and opens.



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