Fellow Locals. Pavel Maletin Tells How Sibir Attracted Kramnik and Aronian

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"Sibir," which has the two super grandmasters Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian playing for it, is unbeaten after three rounds of the Russian team championship. The former world champion's lapse in the opening round was made up for by his teammates, and the next day Kramnik himself brought the team victory, and today "Sibir" coped without their leader, beating the club with the romantic name "Zhiguli" [which stands for two brands popular in Russia - an old Soviet car and a Russian sort of beer - CN] 3.5-2.5.

Attracting such top players was the result of the emergence of a serious sponsor, reports the Russian Chess Federation website. The general partner of the team is RATM Holding, who in the past year have already supported the championship of the Novosibirsk region, and a children's and youth chess tournament held during the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2014". The founder and President of RATM Holding, Eduard Taran, is a native of Novosibirsk, and he and his father are great chess fans.

"It is logical that within the framework of the all-Russian projects we are carrying out, there should be specific ones related to the Novosibirsk region – says Taran on the website. - In addition, we joined forces with the Chess Federation of Novosibirsk, in 2015 we intend to create a board of trustees of the federation, as well as to develop a programme for the development of chess in the region. Special attention will be given to promising athletes, who need to acquire competitive experience. I hope someday a native of the region will win the world title in this sport, but in the meantime, we are trying to restore chess to its former popularity."

Grandmaster and the recently elected President of the Novosibirsk Chess Federation, Pavel Maletin, spoke of how the team had been formed:

"We aimed to create a club that would fight for the first place. I want to thank the leadership of the Russian Chess Federation for having found a place for us in the Premier League and helped with organizational issues. We are very pleased that Vladimir Kramnik responded to our invitation. He is a charismatic leader, and has a lot of fans in Sochi, where he is regarded as their own man, a local! Levon Aronian is also a brilliant team player, who has already played very well for our neighbours [ "Tomsk-400" - CN]. Dmitry Jakovenko is originally from Siberia - he was born in Omsk, and spent his childhood in Nizhnevartovsk. Ukrainian GM Anton Korobov, too, is to some extent our countryman - he was born in Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region. Vera Nebolsina, who lived in China and knows Chinese, helped us with the invitation of another of our mercenaries, Wang Yue. Frankly, we initially wanted to invite Ding Liren, but he had problems getting the visa. On the other hand, Wang Yue is a very experienced and solid player, and this is extremely important for a team competition. Novosibirsk is represented by Dmitry Bocharov. Another member of the team is my friend Dmitry Kokarev from Penza, with whom I played together for several years at Nizhny Tagil team Polytechnic. As a team representative, we have Vladimir Vorozheikin, a vice president of "Sberbank" [one of the largest Russian banks - CN]. Chess lovers will remember the wonderful rapid tournament, held in 2012 in Novosibirsk on his initiative. But in general, "Sibir" is only one of the joint activities (albeit a very important one) between RATM Holding and the Novosibirsk Chess Federation. We will develop children's chess and are going to set up our own grandmaster school."


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