Nakamura Casts Doubts on the Ethics of Caruana's Switch From Italy to the USA

Время публикации: 17.06.2015 21:42 | Последнее обновление: 19.06.2015 03:35

"You raise a difficult topic" - Hikaru Nakamura smiled when asked how happy he is about the strengthening of the American team, which will soon take place as a result of the transfer of Fabiano Caruana from Italy to the United States. The conversation took place in Stavanger at the end of Nakamura's game in the first round of Norway Chess, in which he defeated Hammer.

Screenshot from live broadcast -

According to Hikaru, from the standpoint of the US team it is very good, that the team has been strengthened. "We now have three players from the top ten, we're highly competitive, and it certainly will help us in the Olympiad." At the same time, Italy for Nakamura is not a foreign country: he spends a lot of time there, as his girlfriend is an Italian, he is familiar with the local way of life, and with people from the Italian Chess Federation.

"The Federation gave Fabiano everything" - says Nakamura. "All the money that was needed for training. And to leave so suddenly, especially when still under contract - something in this is not really quite right..."

"Chess in Italy in recent years has become more and more popular: headlines about the success of Caruana appeared on the pages of the leading sports newspapers. And now people are going to read about their strongest player switching to another country and they will not see the point of this. ...But what has happened has happened, I will not judge anyone, I will just concentrate on my own chess career, "- summed up the GM.


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