To Surmount the Partition

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As usual, all the truths of life are spoken in a taxi.

Sometimes I take the cab service London to get to the playing hall from my hotel. It is really Londonish, since a solid partition in the taxi seems to rule out usual chats between the driver and the passenger. "Perfect," I thought, occupying the spacious interior and ready to continue pondering over my own business. Well, it is naive to think that some partition can stop a chatty and emotional Caucasian driver from starting a conversation. He turns on the mic to tell something in his usual tone, while you should shout in reply in order to be heard.  

- What's going on in there? - He asks alluding to the Flame Towers.
- The World Cup, - I say. - A chess tournament.
- Are Kasparov and Karpov playing?
- They are into other kind of games for quite some time already.
- Who's playing then?!
- There are 128 participants.
- Is Kramnik playing?
- Oh yes, he is playing!
- Аny of our chaps? I guess Shakhriyar Mamed...
- Mamedyarov.
- Exactly! Is he playing? How is it going for him?! Which place is he in?

In the end of our conversation my interlocutor shared with me the knowledge he got from the TV - that the prize fund of the World Cup is some 6 million.  

* * *

The day saw the return games of the 1/16 finals.

Hamid Mamedyarov, the father of the player my cab driver remembered, was among the audience. 

Alexander Areshchenko tried hard to escape from Wei Yi but got eliminated.

* * *

The number of spectators has significantly risen once Genna Sosonko joined Sergei Shipov in the commentating room. 

It's high time to mention the problem one should cope with due to the delayed transmission of the games. According to the anti-cheating measures presented at the Baku World Cup, some random games of each round are transmitted with 15-minute delay. On this day, one of such was Eljanov - Grischuk. Whilst the commentators were watching the moves with a delay, the video broadcast from the playing hall was live!

Isn't it similar to watching football live with the commentator talking of what has happened on the field 15 minutes ago?

Those following the event online suffer from such measures at most. However, this is not an issue for those listening to enternaining commentary by Sosonko. I will get back to this topic a little later...

More photos from the return clashes of round 3. At the time of taking this picture, there were three pairs left in the playing hall.

Five minutes later, the hall got empty.

Well, actually Kramnik and Andreikin continued discussing the game for quite some time.

The former world champion kept pressuring adventurously, the former Russian champion defended creatively. As a result, they agreed to a draw. Thus, an exciting tiebreak is ahead.

* * *

So, let's get back to that 15-minute delay and how it works with the live streaming. Today, many people have understood that it doesn't quite make sense. 

Did Yuri Garrett, who visited Baku as the secretary of the FIDE Anti-Cheating Committee, realise it as well? If I get it correctly, he is one of the authors of all those anti-cheating measures including the 15-minute delay broadcast.

And now the question comes: what prevented Yuri Garrett from considering all the consequences of the introduced rules?

This is the room where Mr. Garrett spent most of his time. Unfortunately, today when I needed his photo, he wasn't present. Well, it turned out he had already left Baku. All of the previous days he was there, sitting alone and seemingly not doing much. Although, once in a while he would leave it and go the playing hall to take photos. Sometimes, it was against the rules as it's forbidden (as we the journalists were explained) to shoot during blitz games of the tiebreaks.

In no way would I want to present him as a villain, on the contrary - he is a tactful charming lad and he smiles. Although he doesn't greet me. Otherwise, he is very polite.

So, what prevented Yuri Garrett from considering all the consequences of the introduced rules? How come he didn't notice, while sitting deep in thought in this VIP room for a few days, the absurdity of having live video stream together with the 15-minute delay of the moves?

Perhaps you remember the solid partition in the taxi, the detail I began my report with. Don't you feel there's similar kind of barrier that prevents FIDE officials and the journalists from hearing each other?


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