Boris Gelfand To Prepare Norwegian National Team For European Championship

Время публикации: 02.11.2015 23:35 | Последнее обновление: 03.11.2015 00:13

GM Boris Gelfand is expected to arrive in Oslo, Norway this Friday for a four-day training session with the national team of Norway, reports. The Israeli GM will help the team in preparation for the European Team Championship which is scheduled to take place November 12-22 in Reykjavik. Neither Gelfand himself nor his national team participate in this event.

The Norwegian team, consisting of Magnus Carlsen, Jon Ludvig Hammer, Johan Salomon, Aryan Tari and Frode Urkedal, is 11th on the starting list.  Besides the members of the team, several young talented players will also join the training camp with Gelfand.

According to Carlsen's manager, Espen Agdestein, the training session is organized by Norwegian Chess Federation, but the World Champion and his team helped in making the visit happen. "We are happy to have organised this, - Agdestein is quoted by the website. - Gelfand is a very nice and easy-going person who has vast experience and genuine chess knowledge. He has a lot to share. I think that coaching players of this level is a new experience for Boris as well, so he was curious himself and accepted the offer gladly. Magnus is also positive about it, looking forward to this training session."  



I guess I am wondering why

I guess I am wondering why Israel is not competing. In 2013 they sent a second-rate team, but before that they were competitive (though Gelfand hasn't played since 2005 when the team finished 2nd). On the other hand, I understand completely why Bulgaria is not there. :-)

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