ETCC: Svidler, Ivanchuk, Mamedyarov to Represent Favourites on Board 1

Время публикации: 13.11.2015 04:05 | Последнее обновление: 13.11.2015 04:13

The European Team Championships are starting in Reykjavik today, on November 13, and the participating teams have already been listed according to their board orders.

In the open section, Russia, the favourite of the competition, sent Peter Svidler to the top, even though Alexander Grischuk's rating is higher. That said, Svidler's, Grischuk's, and Tomashevsky's ratings are really close.

The difference between Vassily Ivanchuk (2720) and Pavel Eljanov (2753) is more significant in this respect, yet the Ukrainian team is led by its most experienced fighter once again.

In the women's competition, Russia and Ukraine have their players arranged strictly according to ratings, while the Georgian squad chose its own way.

The first round will start today at 18:00 Moscow time. As the Swiss system is used, the favourites have been paired against much weaker teams, but this doesn't necessarily mean the absence of serious struggle.

Open section, round 1:
Turkey - Russia
Ukraine - Romania
Slovenia - Azerbaijan

Women's section, round 1:
Czech Republic - Georgia
Russia - Greece
England - Ukraine


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