Who’s the Favourite In the Absence Of Carlsen?

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The Third Vugar Gashimov Memorial tournament opened in Shamkir in western Azerbaijan on Wednesday

Shamkir is playing host to elite GMs for the third tournament held in the memory of Vugar Gashimov, who tragically died at the age of just 27 in January 2014.

Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, Sergei Karjakin, Pavel Eljanov, Pentala Harikrishna, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Teimour Radjabov, Eltaj Safarli, Hou Yifan and Rauf Mamedov will battle it out.

The main events are traditionally held in the Heydar Aliev Centre and the opening ceremony was also held here.

The players are staying at the Excelsior Hotel, ten minutes walk to the tournament venue.

The four ‘local’ warriors.

The players draw took place in order of FIDE rating, starting with Fabiano, who has the highest.

Number one was drawn by the player to join the stage last – Rauf Mamedov. Of course he had no say in the matter.

The players were welcomed by Vugar’s father, Gasym Gashimov

Shamkir is Sergei Karjakin’s first serious test since he won the Candidates tournament.

The players were joined at the opening ceremony by Azerbaijan’s Minister for Sport Azad Rahimov, as well as Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. They were both wearing purple ties – the colors of the Olympiad decorations or a tribute to Prince?

None of the participants was prepared to say at the press-conference whom they considered the favourite in the absence of Magnus Carlsen, who had won the previous two tournaments here. According to Giri, Magnus has very good reasons for not playing at Shamkir this time around, but none of the participants are pleased at his absence.

Hou Yifan brought her mother to the tournament. She feels confident that she will give a good account of herself here.

Translated by Ilan Rubin


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  • Shamkir ready to hold two competitions dedicated to Vugar Gashimov's memory. The participants of the A group are Carlsen, Caruana, Nakamura, Karjakin, Mamedyarov and Radjabov. 

    Participants of B group are Wang Hao, Woijtaszek, Bacrot, Motylev, Eljanov, Mamedov, Safarli, Guseinov, Durarbeyli and Abbasov. 

    Today the players visited the graves of Vugar Gashimov and Heydar Aliyev (the national leader of Azerbaijan). 

  • On the free day of the Shamkir tournament there is traditionally a football match. As last year, four teams were playing. In the semifinals, the chessplayers of Azerbaijan and the rest of the world, alas, lost to the teams of journalists and organisers/sponsors. But Magnus Carlsen played in the final as a guest for the organisers/sponsors' team, strengthening an already strong team. He was the outstanding player on the pitch. 

  • A direct flight from Moscow brought FIDE President to Ganja at around 15.00 local time. Chief organizers of the Vugar Gashimov Memorial - directors of Synergy Group company, and head managers of the Azerbaijan Chess Federation - were waiting for him in the VIP hall.

  • The new page of the old festival has been opened (PHOTOS)

  • On the free day, the players in the Shamkir tournament can only dream of a quiet day's recreation. At 12.00 local time, seven GMs gave a simultaneous display to local children at the chess school.

  • Chessdom published list of participants for B Tournament dedicated to GM Gashimov's memory. It will take place from April 19-30 in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Five out of ten players will be from Azerbaijan: 
    Rauf  MAMEDOV
    Eltaj SAFARLI
    Gadir GUSEINOV
    Nijat ABASOV
    Etienne BACROT
    Radoslaw WOJTASZEK
    Wang HAO

  • Last week, Vugar Gashimov was remembered not only in Shamkir, but also in Moscow. In the House of Nationalities, a second international tournament was held in memory of the prematurely-deceased grandmaster.  

  • (Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

    The Cultural Event Center in Baku. This isn't the full name of this building, but let's wait till the end of the report...

  • Six GMs including world champion to play in Gashimov's memory 

  • The seventh round of the Gashimov Memorial ended last night. The tournament leaders Fabiano Caruana and Anish Giri squared off.

    With magic glasses, without purple ties