Peter Svidler Presented Judit Polgar a Meeting With Her Family

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Hungarian is all the same leaving Khanty-Mansiysk

Her own game character led Judit Polgar down in a return game with Peter Svidler.

"My position seemed to me excellent” confessed Hungarian at the press-conference. She definitely meant a middlegame part of the game when White sacrificed pawn in return of a good positional compensation.

It seems that Judit had to stop at the moment and be satisfied with a peaceful result after 30.Qh5 Rf8 (it has to be mentioned that the same position was already fixed a move earlier).

However, a plucky chess player underestimated counter-attack chances of her opponent and continued a battle. Svidler didn’t waste time and used this ability to put a rook on the 7th line (securely defending f7 point) with further moving his “e” pawn. Ultimately, White couldn’t cope all the coming up troubles.






Interesting fact came out later. Yesterday Judit got to know that she has to play with black directly before the game. “I mixed up the rules”, she confessed. Nevertheless, in the last game Hungarian managed to make a draw quite confidently.

Although today she couldn’t do anything unless to congratulate Svidler and wish him success in the last part of the competition.

- At the moment I have only one positive emotion, - finished her speech Judit, - I will see my family soon.


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