Vassily Ivanchuk: "I Wish The Stolen Chess Set To Fall Into Intelligent Child's Hands"

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E.SUROV: First of all how do you feel?

V.IVANCHUK: In general everything’s fine and I’m feeling good. I mean there aren’t any problems, so I’m able to continue playing the tournament and I do hope everything will be fine.

E.SUROV: That sounds good but still what happened? Could you tell us about the incident?

V.IVANCHUK: it wasn’t a big robbery; it happened on hotel property and that seems strange to me.

E.SUROV: So you just came out…

V.IVANCHUK:  My wife and I came out, took our seats in the car, put our things… and then two guys with pistols appear. They just took our things and ran away. That’s it. Actually there’s nothing more to tell. Fortunately my laptop bag was between my feet so they couldn’t notice it.

E.SUROV: So you still have your laptop?

V.IVANCHUK: Yes, I’ve still got my computer and also, fortunately, I still have my passport as long as it was in the inside pocket of my jacket. That’s what made my coming to Bilbao possible.  Otherwise I would have had to return to Ukraine, just as my wife was forced to do. Her passport has been stolen.

E.SUROV: Her passport was among the things stolen, wasn’t it?

V.IVANCHUK: Yes, her handbag was grabbed.

E.SUROV: What did you do next?  Did you go to the police?

V.IVANCHUK: It was at the hotel. We went to reception and they called the police, but it was already quite late. They offered us to go to the police the very day it happened but it was already late. We didn’t want to leave the hotel and we went to the police only the next day. We left the statement that was recorded by them. They haven’t found anything or at least they haven’t informed me yet.

E.SUROV: So no progress with the investigation yet?

V.IVANCHUK: No, but I’m not that worried about that. Eventually there wasn’t anything that valuable there. The most valuable thing for me is my chess set. I don’t mean the terms of money, something else… I’ve been using that chess set for many, many years. I have even got a wish: maybe that chess set will fall into some intelligent child’s hands and due to its magical features it’ll help the child to become a famous chess player.  

E.SUROV: Do you mean the ordinary wooden chess set that was with you?

V.IVANCHUK: Yes, a normal folding set – the board opens and closes and the wooden pieces are inside.

E.SUROV: So you take them with you to tournaments?

V.IVANCHUK: Yes, to every single tournament. By the way, that has been surprising a lot of my young colleagues.

E.SUROV: I see

V.IVANCHUK: You know they’re used to taking only their computer with them.

E.SUROV: Sure. Well, it seems to me that you have a strikingly philosophical attitude to the whole thing that happened.

V.IVANCHUK: I will buy a new chess set soon and I’ll be taking it with me everywhere. After all I don’t think computer is fully able to replace the real pieces.

E.SUROV: But why did it take so long for you to fly to Bilbao?

V.IVANCHUK: That’s because it was obvious to make a special document that would allow my wife to return to Ukraine. I didn’t really want to leave her alone there.

E.SUROV: So, you have just made it to Bilbao and tomorrow you are already going to play?

V.IVANCHUK: Yes, that’s true.

E.SUROV: Don’t you want to postpone the game?

V.IVANCHUK: No, I don’t. Although organizers offered me to do so I don’t see any sense in that. I said: why, if I’m already here? Why should I create problems by interfering natural course of the tournament? Nothing that is going to prevent my playing here has happened.

E.SUROV: Well, Vassily, I’m not going to torture you with further questions. I wish you a good rest tonight and a successful continuation of the tournament.

V.IVANCHUK: Thank you very much!

E.SUROV: Thank you for the interview! Good luck!


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