Carlsen Overtakes Ivanchuk

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Nakamura missed his chance. Anand sets to be last in the list

The 9th round of the Bilbao Masters Final was full of drama. Three games finished with the victory of White.

In one of the most important games of the round Carlsen beat Ivanchuk for the second time already and overtook him by scoring. It was an intensive struggle but Carlsen managed to get an advantage. The problems started for the Ukrainian player after the 14th move when he, perhaps too optimistically, decided to take a central White pawn. As Carlsen admitted later at the beginning of his attack he didn’t see Black would be forced to sacrifice their queen (21…Qxf5), and he considered the move 23. Nh6+! a real luck as it kept Norwegian’s chances preferable. Time trouble led Ivanchuk to the decisive mistake on the 32nd move. 

Levon Aronian chose a gambit against Vishy Anand, the same gambit continuation was used in a blindfold game Carlsen – Kramnik in an Amber Chess Tournament last year. This time Armenian gave his preference to the move 9.Bg5!? (trying not to repeat the internet blitz game he played against Jan Gustaffson, in 2004 Levon played 9. Ne5). At the beginning Anand responded well as Aronian had enough initiative for the pawn but probably not more than that. However, the World Champion lost his focus on the game and made a series of unsuccessful moves, Aronian grabbed his chance, played 22.h4! and celebrated victory after next three moves. 

25.Rxe6! 1-0

A real drama was Nakamura’s loss on time against Vallejo - in a better position with an extra pawn.

Carlsen is tied for first. Anand is now last in the list.

Before the last round Carlsen and Ivanchuk own 14 points each, Aronian and Nakamura gathered 11, Vallejo has 10, while Anand is contenting himself with 9 points. The pairings for the last round: Ivanchuk – Aronian, Nakamura – Carlsen, Anand – Vallejo. The games will start at 18:30 MSK Time.

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