Genna Sosonko: "Short Was Pretty Upset About the Last Game"

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E.SUROV: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Chess-News. We will talk to Genna Sosonko who was present at the historical Blitz Match between Kasparov and Short or “veterans” match as one of its participants called it. Hello, Genna!

G. SOSONKO: Hello, Zhenia. Honestly, when Garry said “Not bad for the veterans” and accompanied that phrase with a smile… that sounded funny. To my mind both, Garry and Nigel would have rough times with the young Grandmasters of today’s top list, and the fact that Kasparov recently won 1.5-0.5 against Vachier-Lagrave won’t change it because, in my view, they just wouldn’t stand to play eight games in a row as in the Blitz Match we just observed. I don’t think they will be offended by these words of mine for deep down they know that as well. 48 and 46 is a critical age for a chess player, especially today.

Nigel was pretty much upset about the last game. Really, very upset. He was so much distressed for losing so resignedly. On the other hand he said: “Sure I could choose d3, c3, Be3 instead of that aculeate continuation 4.Ng5, I could change bishops on e6 and the game would probably finish in draw, but I’m somehow bored to play like that”. Nigel was extremely proud of the game in which he used the Bishop’s Gambit in the King’s Gambit. As he said he considers that game as his best one. Short also reminded me that Kasparov and he already played a similar game in London nearly twenty years ago. At that time the opening was chosen by the pairing. So, the King’s Gambit, the Bishop’s Gambit fell upon him. Well, Kasparov had to reply with… b5, as would do all his great predecessors Morphy, Steinitz or Zukertort, I don’t really remember. Short won that game too and pretty fast as he said on the 15th move. I don’t know whether it’s in database but he remembers that well. 

E.SUROV: Let me ask an interim question. You said Short was very upset about the last game and as Garry told us fifteen minutes after the game he wasn’t satisfied by how it went as well. And still what did he do?  How did Garry behave after the match?

G.SOSONKO: Garry of course realized that there were more than enough mistakes and blunders during the match. Moreover, he even said he blundered more than Short. And he also underlined that he perhaps wasn’t in a good shape. When you are in a good shape you control time. That is true especially for blitz. That’s, it when you look at the clock and suddenly realize the whole minute has just disappeared and you don’t understand what were thinking about, how… as to him this is the first sign of being in a bad shape. But of course he was happy; he won the match after all.  

I would also like to say that I was surfing through the Belgian newspapers today and well, maybe not on the front pages but the news about the match were there. The fact is that the front pages covered news about one of the biggest Belgian banks that just fell on its face and now is nationalized. Sure this news has more importance but then you can also read about the Blitz Match of two remarkable chess players. 

E.SUROV: Slightly deviating from the topic I must say that I amazedly got to know about the financial crises in Europe only yesterday or the day before. I learned about it because the Head of Russian Chess Arkadi Dvorkovich, who is also a presidential aide, made a declaration that Russia will provide a financial support to Spain.

G.SOSONKO: Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, I’m not really into financial problems of Europe or support that Russia is going to provide, but the truth is that this problem really exists in a lot of countries and there’s no doubt about that. So, Nigel Short, who is involved in that professionally, told me: “This time it seems to be real”, he meant that the crises involved not only Greece, but Italy, Portugal and other countries as well. I couldn’t answer a word to that; I just remembered Elizabeth Taylor’s words before her eighth marriage: “This time it is real”.     


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