Last Tribute to Fall

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If you can find any advantages in being a chess player it should be an ability to manage your own “working” schedule. Usually players do not hurry to the “working place” at nine in the morning, but “usually” doesn’t obviously mean “always”. So, a day off in Poikovsky went on a previously written schedule when Bacrot, Karjakin and Efimenko had to get up at 10.20 in order not to be late for the simultaneous exhibition and other players were supposed to be near the bus taking them by a defined route at 12.45.

The day appeared to be sunny what is pretty unusual for this part of Russia.

I still can’t define was that Luigi following Fabio or vice versa. 

Waiting for the “party” outside…

...and inside.

It seems to be a pretty nice picture for the regional administration building.

That’s what you could see on a coffee-table in the foyer. Indubitable coincidence.  (Title of the newspaper article “Putin forever”).

Vladimir Semenov met participants

and they obtained envelopes with fees.

Did you think they came here for nothing?

And now into the wild...nature. A recreation centre "Fairytale" is ahead. 

Not that the site corresponded to its name but the weather was really like in a dream. And that was quite enough. 

Aleks (as he's nicknamed here) Onischuk tried himself as an interpreter.

Alexander Motylev dedicated his time to his cool camera. 

Young naturalist.

Few leisurely rides across the recreation centre and Sergei Karjakin and I decided to experiment and compete in racing. Three circles in specially alloted area. I gained an advantage over the world's sixth-rated Grandmaster  in the opening and left him no chances not only in the middlegame but in the endgame as well. 

"We won't have sun here till Spring" - said one of the locals. And Spring comes here almost in May.

Who knows maybe there won't ever be another this kind of sunny and warm October ninth in Nefteyugansk ..

We saw it. We felt it. We gave last tribute to Fall. 

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