"Zero Tolerance" on Cell Phone Ringing Is Nonsense - Thinks Anatoly Karpov

Время публикации: 24.10.2011 21:35 | Последнее обновление: 24.10.2011 22:09

Anatoly Karpov gave an interview to Saratov website sarinfo in which he talked about the problem of cheating in chess (the word “chiterstvo” taken from “cheating” appeared to be unknown for the former world champion). “It’s an old problem that is still unsolved” – confessed the Grandmaster.   

Introduction of doping control into chess Karpov considers as nonsense. 

"It happened to please the heads of the International Olympic Committee and it’s hard to explain them that doping just doesn’t exist in chess as long as nobody knows what it can be; in other words what can stimulate mental activity and creativity. The existing medicines have side effects as well as the stimulators which can improve abilities just for a short time. Maybe once someone tried but nobody actually benefited from that. Moreover, chess players observe each other and know who is who. Defining a cup of coffee as well as alcohol as doping has not a leg to stand on. It’s nonsense because not a single sensible person would do that. Speaking of dope, it is connection with a computer. In other words that’s the source of information and one should fight against it trying to nip it in the bud. Now it’s all put on, while the problem needs to be solved. Generally, in my opinion it’s craziness to set a defeated for the player if his phone suddenly rang. The rules should be like this: to gather all the phones of the participants and create the conditions which preclude the possibility for the participants to get any kind of tips in lavatory and other places".


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