A Song From Svetozar Gligoric

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That was February of this year when we reported about the legendary Yugoslavian GM Svetozar Gligorich to release his first musical album at the age of 88.  

“When people get older they shrink into themselves, become pessimistic and forget that there is only one single life” – veteran answers the questions of the surprised people around him.

Thanks to Boris Postovsky I could listen to the CD.

Boris Postovsky together with Alexander Matanovich visited Gligorich recently and got musician’s works as a presented.

By authority of the author I have an honor to present you one of the songs from his album. It’s called “Looking for a Melody”. Click “Play” on the Audio Player (you can find it at the beginning of the article) and enjoy.

Photo - fide.com

“Gligorich composes music of different genres: from jazz and blues to rap” – we wrote in our report in February. That’s true because you really can find rap in his album.

By the way, Gligorich is working on his second album and he plans to release it in February of the next year.


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