Russia Wins Gold

Время публикации: 31.10.2011 22:48 | Последнее обновление: 01.11.2011 14:23

WYCO has finished in Turkey

A confident win over Czech Republic 3.5-0.5 kept Russia on the first place which means Russia Team is the winner of the World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad (Kocaeli, Turkey). 

Armenian team, the main rival of Russia, won over Kyrgyzstan with the same score, but that was enough only for the second place. 

The match Iran - Kazakhstan finished 3-1 in Iran's favor. Although Azerbaijan gained victory over Turkey (White) team, Iran went ahead of it on the tie-break and remained third.  

Final standings:
1. Russia - 30
2. Armenia - 28.5
3. Iran - 27.5
4. Azerbaijan - 27.5
5. India - 25
(26 teams)

Watch the key games of the final round. 

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