Nepomniachtchi Crashed Kramnik

Время публикации: 16.11.2011 22:42 | Последнее обновление: 16.11.2011 23:13

Tal Memorial started with a small sensation

The freeze frame you see is made several minutes before former world champion capitulated after realizing the hopelessness of saving the game. 

The conference after the game was attended only by the winner who confessed: “Black didn’t have any expectations in a single moment of the game”. However, in his opinion, Kramnik started to make “unprofitable” moves like 23.Rxd8 and later 24.Rb1, 25.h4.  An experienced Grandmaster made a mistake one move later:

27.Nc5?!, Black immediately got free and weighty initiative.

Nepomniachtchi called his decision to win a pawn by 29...Rb2 pretty hasty (29...Ra2, in his opinion, was a better move).

Quite a similar endgame had already been played in Nepomniachtchi – Bareev. Jan noted that current head of the Russian team chose, perhaps, the best plan for defence: he sacrificed a piece for two queenside pawns.  

As Nepomninachtchi said the last fatal moment for Kramnik to lose all chances was 39.Kd2?. In quick analyses Jan couldn’t give an evaluation to the position after 39.f5.


We offer you the full game.   


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