Tal Memorial: Svidler’s Reckless Sacrifice Brought Ivanchuk a Point

Время публикации: 16.11.2011 23:38 | Последнее обновление: 16.11.2011 23:39

The first round of Tal Memorial in Moscow, Russia came to its end. Another decisive game of the day, we’ve already reported that Nepomniachtchi beat Kramnik, ended in Ivanchuk’s favor who won over Peter Svidler.

Svidler got quite a comfortable position with Black in his favorite Grunfeld Defence.  The problems for Russian began after he sacrificed a pawn on 30th move.  

30...Nc5?! 31.Bxc4, and Ivanchuk’s chances are preferable.  

Three games finished in draws. 

Magnus Carlsen who played against Levon Aronian should be glad as he managed to save, frankly speaking, a losing endgame. 

50.Bc7! looks strong for Aronian and Black hardly can save the position. However, White played  50.Rf5? Bxa5 51.bxa5 Rd8 52.Rd5 Kf7 53.a6 Ke6 54.Rd4 Kd7 55.Rb4 e3 56.Kg2 Rf8 57.a7 e2, and rivals agreed to a draw. 

The duels Anand - Karjakin and Nakamura – Gelfand stayed equal.

Watch all games of the day.

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