Draw Rain Over Tal Memorial

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Round 4: 5 draws

The fourth round of Tal Memorial finished without any decisive games. We’ll sum up two clashes marked with an intense struggle, both with participation of young Russian players.

Nakamura surprised Nepomniachtchi with a Dragon variation of Sicilian Defence. Russian chose an unpretentious variant which has already been played in Kramnik – Aronian encounter (Botvinnik Memorial Rapid). 

Jan decided to try pretty usual 10.Bf1 instead of Kramnik’s choice - 10.Bg5 in the above-mentioned clash; but already the next move of White 11.Nd2?! turned to be an unsuccessful novelty.  

Nepomniachtchi called his play “poor on all stages of the game” and continued criticizing his next move 12.Ndb1, which made him to worry about 12...a3 with an idea of 13.Nxa3 Rax3 14.bxa3 Ng4. As Jan said he had to put his Queen on f3 on the 17th move.

Nakamura managed to seize initiative and his position went to be more and more comfortable, while White made an objectively faulty sacrifice of a piece. 

Instead of the winning 38...Qc7! Nakamura in a time-trouble played 38...Re6, and even though after 39.Qd8+ he managed to find a chance for a win 39...Qf8! 40.Qd5 Qd6!, Nepomniachtchi after an intense struggle could yet save half a point

Nepomniachtchi called 54...Kc6! recommended by a computer (instead of Nakamura’s taking on c4) “an unbeatable move”. However, 54...Kd6 with the same idea – holding onto the f-pawn with the king – seems good too. 

Interesting is that Nepomniachtchi made 8 moves out of 20 with only one piece – knight. We have to admit that Jan is not the only one loving this animal. Here are HIS great predecessors: 

* * *

Karjakin could hardly hold the game against Magnus Carlsen. According to Sergey he got quite a good looking position with initiative in perspective from the opening. But after 25.Qe2, as it was mentioned by him, he made a mistake. 

A better choice was calm 25...Nf6 preparing … g5-g4.

“…25...g4 came out of hand. I regretted immediately after I played it. I’ve been paying for that impulsive move for the rest of the game…” commented Karjakin.

“He was probably winning at some point, but I managed to come off”, he added.

To all appearances 38.Rh1 was one of the inaccuracies made by Carlsen. “He missed his chance before time control, afterwards it was already unclear…” summarized Karjakin. 

Evgeni Surov and Nikolay Monin were on the spot throughout the fourth round. Check their extended photo spread: “Impregnables”.     

The next round will take place tomorrow at 15:00 MSK Time. 


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