Bronstein's Chess

Время публикации: 05.01.2012 23:45 | Последнее обновление: 05.01.2012 23:45

Anastasia Karlovich and David Lyada's photos plunge us in the atmosphere of the unusual competition that took place in San Sebastian, Spain. The novelty of the experiment, based on David Bronstein's suggestions and exhibition games, was that the players competed in two simultaneous games. The winner was decided in Volokitin - Laznichka duel; and here's how it was before the final.

Semifinals, January 4th

Czech took an upper hand on the Ukrainian player in a tense struggle on the tie-break. 

Nip and tuck. Ukrainian Grandmasters Moiseenko and Volokitin. 

Dominguez lost against Volokitin in the classical games. 

The former World Champion Stefanova fights for the prize. 

Leoncio Garcia making commentaries. 

Leoncio along with computers. 

The future World champion in "Bronstein's chess"?

1/4 final, January 3rd

Cuba against Peru. Dominguez facing Granda Zuniga. 

Moiseenko - Bacrot.

Ivan Cheparinov continues fighting in the side group. 

The organizers along with David Lyada in a quite informal situation. 

1/8 final, January 2nd января



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