The Unshared Point

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Sergei Karjakin helps Aronian to break away

The rivals of the same age Magnus Carlsen and Sergei Karjakin faced each other in Round 9 of the Wijk aan Zee Super-GM tournament. Russian GM gained his first victory over Carlsen in their personal encounters. Let us remind you, Magnus took an upper hand on Karjakin in "classical" game two years ago exactly in Dutch city. And here you go, Karjakin takes revenge. 

After today's loss Carlsen's chances for the first place are noticeably weekend - Aronian is now in a point lead. 

At the beginning of the game nothing pointed on the problems White were going to face. 


However, after excessively aggressive 17.f4 ("here he had to play 17.Bf1" - Karjakin) which was followed by 17...d4 Carlsen blundered - 18.Ne4?.18...Bxe4 19.Bxe4 d3!! secured Black with an obvious advantage.

Norwegian persistently fighted to save the game, however, Russian converted his advantage into a point. 

Karjakin makes the last move of the game: 60...Kh2. Carlsen understands everything. 


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