In "Cosmos" For the First Time

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11th Aeroflot Open has started

The traditional 11th Aeroflot Open Chess Festival has started in a new venue Hotel Cosmos, which is located in Moscow. The games of the A and B tournaments started at 15:00, the participants of the C tournament started at 21:30.

Pairings are available on the official website of the festival. 

There are 86 participants in the A tournament. Take a look at the pairings of the first ten boards: 

Alexandrov (Belarus, 2612) - Tomashevsky (Russia, 2740)
Caruana (Italy, 2737) - Bocharov (Russia, 2611)
Ponkratov (Russia, 2611) - Nepomniachtchi (Russia, 2735)
Le Quang Liem (Vietnam, 2714) - Savchenko B. (Russia, 2609)
Popov I. (Russia, 2599) - Vallejo (Spain, 2705)
Jobava (Georgia, 2704) - Robson (USA, 2596)
Zherebukh (Ukraine, 2594) - Sasikiran (India, 2700)
Eljanov (Ukraine, 2690) - Rakhmanov (Russia, 2593)
Ulibin (Russia, 2587) - Inarkiev (Russia, 2689)
Andreikin (Russia, 2688) - Ipatov (Turkey, 2586)

The winner will pocket 20,000 Euro, it includes qualification places for the Dortmund Super Tournament, which is planned to be held in the second half of July. Seven 2700s are playing in the A tournament and one of them is Le Quang Liem, the winner of the previous two Aeroflot festivals. He is the only player who managed to win the festival twice.  

The winners of the Aeroflot Open cHess Festival:
2002 - Gregory Kaidanov (USA)
2003 - Viorel Bologan (Moldova)
2004 - Sergei Rublevsky (Russia)
2005 - Emil Sutovsky (Israel)
2006 - Baadur Jobava (Georgia)
2007 - Evgeny Alekseev (Russia)
2008 - Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia)
2009 - Etienne Bacrot (France)
2010 - Le Quang Liem (Vietnam)
2011 - Le Quang Liem (Vietnam)

The festival is attended by the participants from the RSSU Cup which has just finished in Moscow. Some of the palyers arrived from Gibraltar festival (favourites Le Quang Liem and SAsikiran are among them), and of course, there are players from Moscow Open which has finished on Sunday.

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