Farewell Dance With Dmitry Anatolyevich

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As my colleague Elena Klimets has noted in one of her reports time flies fast. The ACP Women Cup Rapid is also over. 

The Head of SOCAR-Georgia, the main sponsor of the tournament, Mair Mamedov announced the beginning of the round by striking the gong. Immediately after he joined us at the press office. 

This is how the room for journalists looked like. Actually it was more like a club which gathered people with different interests. Here you see older men sitting at the table and discussing important issues on the air, left to them Georgian players don't miss a chance to play Blitz; in the background you can see the table for coffee, tea and cognac. David Janoev preferred just to watch the games quietly.

Actually, the games were worth of watching, especially the ones from the last round. All three rounds went in exclusively sharp struggles. The leader Kateryna Lahno of Ukraine faltered, which was immediately used by Cramling of Sweden and Dzagnidze of Georgia; the other games can also be characterized with one word, the word uttered by their commentator Mark Dvorecky: fun.  

The only participant whose playing wasn't that "fun" you see on the picture - Maia Chiburdanidze. As her coach, Khvicha Supatashvili has noted while watching an unexciting endgame of her encounter against Zatonkih, "the soul rests" on Maia's games.  

Women have their own idea of what one should do right before the game.  
Here's the key encounter of the decisive round Cramling - Lahno. The rivals made a quick draw in several minutes after the game was started.  

Cramling's peacefulness was used by Nana Dzagnidze who defeated Russian Tatiana Kosintseva in the last round and caught Swedish player.

The Head Arbiter Nana Alexandria explains the rules of the tie-break which had to determine the winner of the tournament.  

The first game went in a sharp struggle. Cramling grasped initiative and could win if she had only seen a simple twomover winning a rook.  .  

"Blitz also requires thinking", - Tigran Petrosian used to say. The rivals followed his advice, sometimes even too literally. As a result Cramling lost on time.

The winner receives congratulations from Emil Sutovsky and Zurab Sturua a second before the kiss

Nana started with 0.5 points in first 3 rounds, however in the following 8 rounds she managed to gain 7 wins and only one draw. 

The last shot in the press office. Chess-News team is international, so we use any chance to gather, at least partially. Elena Klimets, Mikhail Kantaria and your most humble servant worked for you in Tbilisi. 

The winner with her husband in a restaurant right in front of Hotel Sheraton.  

A famous member of Georgian "What? Where? When?", Girogi Mosidze was assigned as tamada (toastmaster) at the Supra. Lucky Katya Lahno. 

It turned out that tamadas at Georgian Supras have deputies. Well, maybe this position was created specially for Emil Sutovsky...

Zurab Sturua and Genadi Nesis. 

Turkan Mamedyarova received one of the special prices for being the most devoted supporter: worrying about her sister she stayed in the playing hall all eleven rounds. 

Journalists also were noticed. 

Elena Klimets

Anastasia Karlovich

The President of GCF Gia Giorgadze with his wife. 

And the winner gets...

The fact that a famous arbiter Evgeni Meliqset-beg had a birthday became known only during the Supra. 

It was really tasty or as women have noticed "astounding". 

Any of Georgian Supras can last the whole night, but most of the participants had their flights, so the end came with the Russian song singing out in the restaurant. 

Happy Tatiana Kosintseva dances with... Dmitry Anatolyevich. I swear!

Maia Chiburdanidze - inventive soul. Look what she has created right below.  

The famous player said it looks like the captain of Georgian women team. Do you agree?

photos by Eugeni Surov and Elena Klimets


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