Rating Favourite Dominates European Championship

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Anna Muzychuk Leads European Championship 

In the 9th round of the European Champion which takes place in Gaziantep, Turkey Russian Valentina Gunina made a quck draw against her compatriot Tatiana Kosintseva.

The sole leader was determined in Muzychuk - Foisor C.-A. encounter on the first board. Romanian player didn't manage to equal chances in a sharp line of the Scotсh Game and gradually, got an obviously worse position. 

However, Muzychuk representing Slovenia made a mistake on 30th move - Qf5? letting her rival to apply a positional counterblow Nxc5! - the fight became quite complicated and rating favourite was forced to make new efforts for gaining winning position. Muzychuk managed to recover from her mistake and converted her advanatge, whch means she is became the sole leader of the championship two rounds before the finish.

Gunina and the former European Champion Cmilyte of Lithuania, who beat Georgian Nino Khurtsidze in a sharp middlegame, lose the leader half a point.  

Cristina - Adela Foisor, Tatiana Kosintseva and Kateryna Lahno, who outplayed Pogonina in an approximately equal endgame, as well as the former world champion Antoaneta Stefanova, she took an upper hand on Nino Batsiashvili in an equal endgame gathered 6.5 points each.

Round 10: 
Cmilyte (7) - Muzychuk A. (7.5)
Lahno (6.5) - Gunina (7)
Kosintseva T. (6.5) - Stefanova (6.5)
Foisor C.-A. (6.5) - Dzagnidze (6)

photo eiwcc2012.tsf.org.tr


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