"I Went Into This Pipe..."

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Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is 50

The editors of Chess-News found that preparing material for the jubilee of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was a lot harder than for any other big occasion. Should we state detailed biographical information? But then it wouldn’t be possible to avoid everything related to Ilyumzhinov’s work as the President of Kalmykia, and that’s far beyond the remit of this chess site. Should we just do an interview - all prepared, checked and published in time for the special date? But that’s been done quite well by other publications and it’s difficult to add anything to that. Should we show some of the chess games played by the head of FIDE who was also the President of Kalmykia some time ago? We admit that we couldn’t find any. Should we prepare a selection “The best of…” from quotes by Kirsan? But you’d have to go through so much material to paint an objective and original picture. Everyone knows about the aliens anyway…

We asked Kirsan Nikolayevich to give us an interview on the day of his birthday, live on the Chess-News radio. And the interview has happened.

It’s evident that for the past sixteen years Ilyumzhinov is mainly credited for sponsoring the game with his own money. So how much money has he spent? You can hear his own answer in the interview. But here we would like to publish the quotes that we found on the internet.   

I’ve spent 60 million dollars on chess since 1994.
K.Ilyumzhinov, March 2012

All those wonderful tales that Ilyumzhinov spent hundreds of millions of dollars on chess are made up by his team. None of that is stated in the official FIDE accounts.
A.Karpov, September 2010

I’ve spent more than fifty million dollars.
K.Ilyumzhinov, November 2005

I haven’t added it up exactly but I think that I’ve spent several tens of millions of dollars.
K.Ilyumzhinov, 2005

Please bear in mind that over the ten year period the FIDE President has spent more than 30 million dollars on chess out of his own pocket.
G.Makropoulos, May 2004

After all, Ilyumzhinov has spent about 50 million dollars out of his own pocket.
E.Gik, May 2004

According to some sources, Kirsan Nikolayevich has spent about 25 million dollars on chess.
G.Kasparov, December 2003

Ilyumzhinov said that he spent over 30 million dollars on chess during his time as the President.
R.Huntington (former chess journalist of the AP), November 2003

I can understand Kirsan Ilyumzhinov very well: it’s very generous to spend about thirty million dollars of his own money.
I.Damsky, September 2003

There are many opinions about Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Perhaps one of the common views was expressed very clearly by the TV presenter Vladimir Posner. And he did it without words, just by expression on his face. It’s particularly important to watch the presenter’s face in this famous video (with English subtitles).    


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