There is Again a Scandal in Estonia Between the Players and the Official of the Chess Union Hendrik Olde

Время публикации: 09.04.2012 23:00 | Последнее обновление: 09.04.2012 23:03 has reported that the three leading Estonian players – Kaido Kulaots, Meelis Kanep and Alexandr Volodin demanded resignation of the Estonian Chess Union’s Chairman of the Board Hendrik Olde due to his disrespect to chess players. The team for the Olympiad is meant to be composed based on results from the national championship planned for the beginning of May, but the three grandmasters will only play if Olde resigns from his post.

Olde’s work had often been severely criticised by well-known players, so the situation hasn’t changed.

According to the website, this time the conflict has started “from Olde’s letter to the Chess Union’s Board where he called the chess players ‘the extortionists’, as they asked for an increase in the prize fund of the Estonian Championship.” Nevertheless, the President of the Estonian Chess Union Andrey Korobeynik has announced that he is not planning to decline services from Olde despite demands form the grandmasters.

According to the report, the reason that the Estonian Chess Union doesn’t want to part with the Chairman is probably because of their debt to Olde. And Olde himself confirmed that “there is a debt towards people who work every day for the Union”, although he declined to comment on the exact sum.


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