Andrew Paulson Has Raised the Grand Prix Prize Fund: Each Stage Will Have ?240K And Not ?120K At Stake

Время публикации: 18.04.2012 23:22 | Последнее обновление: 20.04.2012 01:20

During today's live radio transmission at Chess-News, which lasted over an hour, the grandmaster and the President of the Association of Chess Professionals Emil Sutovsky talked about several important decisions made during the FIDE Presidential Board meeting in Elista. Sutovsky was present at the meeting and became an active participant during negotiations about the prize fund of the Grand Prix Series. Earlier, the minimal prize fund for each stage of the Grand Prix was set at €120K. However, according to the grandmaster's words, the Head of Agon Andrew Paulson showed an interest in attracting as many high-ranking chess players as possible, and for that reason he agreed to increase the prize fund.

Sutovsky said, "It was possible to find a shrewd compromise according to which Paulson will raise the prize fund: it will be €240K rather than €120K at each stage of the Grand Prix. At the same time, FIDE agreed not to raise the amount of their own deductions. Those 20% will be taken off €120K, not €240K. So, there will be only €24K of deductions to FIDE."

Listen to the live recording of Emil Sutovsky in full (in Russian).


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