Where Have Those Days Gone?

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It's hard to believe that it's twenty-first century and now even nanotechnologies are developing in some places. Or is it better not to think about it? It's possible to think about anything but that while strolling in Zurich, still cool in the springtime, with the hands in the pockets of my raincoat. 

Was it this street that the participants of the 1953 Candidates Tournament liked to stroll along?

Did they have a number seven tram in those days? Who knows, maybe David Bronstein or Vasily Smyslov got on it on the way to the next round...

Was it this lake that the participants of the 1959 super tournament liked to visit? What did 16-year-old Bobby Fischer or the 23-year-old winner of the tournament Mikhail Tal think when looking at the swans?

It's well known that Switzerland has the most accurate clocks in the world.

Here is the 
Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville emerging, the place of the 2012 match of the "2800-players". The entrance is on the other side.

Everything is ready for the match and the tables will soon be ready.

A tiny orchestra is greeting the guests in the hall where the match will be held. Their look reminds of the timeless comedy Some Like It Hot.

Where have those days gone?

The spectators took their places; then the two heroes appear, followed by the camera of Macauley Peterson.

Almost thirty years ago, Grigory and Seda gave this world one of the participants of this match: Levon Aronian.

The other participant Vladimir Kramnik also keeps something in his family arsenal.

According to her dad, Daria has her mother's eyes. Would you agree with that?

The Russian grandmaster has already played in Zurich twice: in 1999 Kramnik gave a simultaneous exhibition to young chess players from Switzerland, and in 2001 he played at the Korchnoi's jubilee. Levon Aronian was addressed with a banal but pleasant phrase, "You are playing here for the first time and, hopefully, not for the last time."

The sponsors are the VIPs in the front row: Oleg Skvortsov and the representatives of the company 
Aspeco N.V. The Russian businessman is clearly enjoying the proceedings. As we reported earlier, the event will not be limited to the match of the "2800- players"; there will be a large cultural programme with the participation of Skvortsov himself.

The Director of the Zurich Chess Club Christian Issler is welcoming the participants and the spectators.

Several musical numbers were performed by these people on these instruments. I confess, I have no idea what the instrument is called. However, Kramnik said something along the lines of a "smoking pipe".

It was decided to give the fate of the colour toss to the young heroine of the evening.

Daria chose white in the first round for her dad.

The dad is happy with the choice.

This girl is the only one who knows the answer the question "where have those days gone?" But she won't tell.



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