Vachier-Lagrave, Bacrot, Naiditsch Participating in the French Rapid Grand Prix, the Pleasure will Last for Two Days

Время публикации: 28.04.2012 17:19 | Последнее обновление: 29.04.2012 13:17

The French Rapid Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in Nancy, France today and tomorrow. First, 7 participants will be qualified in a 9 round Swiss (the list of the participants). The time control is 15 minutes (+3 seconds per move) per player. A "wild card" player GM Christian Bauer will join seven qualified players on Sunday to fight for the main prize in Cup System. Two main rapid games have the same time control, in the case of a draw 2 blitz games will be played with 3 minutes + 2 seconds cotrol.

The official website of the competition (in French).   

The list of the participants is headed by Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Andrei Istratescu, Loran Fressinet, Etienne Bacrot, Tigran Gharamian and Arkadij Naiditsch representing Germany.

LIVE transmission of the games is promised to be found here. Today the games will start at 16:00 (here and below MSK Time). The quaterfinals will be held tomorrow at 12:00, semifinals  - 16:00, while the final will be played at 18:00. 



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