Andrey Filatov Plans to Organise the Alekhine Memorial in Louvre and in One of the Russian Museums

Время публикации: 04.05.2012 17:03 | Последнее обновление: 04.05.2012 17:21

The joint owner of the company "N-Trans" and the sponsor of the forthcoming World Championship match Andrey Filatov does not intend to stop after the Moscow event. The businessman plans to hold the Alekhine Memorial in Russia and France. "There is an idea to organise a tournament in his [Alekhine] memory, which could be held, for example, in the Louvre and one of our best museums: half a tournament there and half here. I'm already making arrangements in that respect", said Filatov in his interview to the "Kommersant" newspaper.

Some time ago, the businessman financed the restoration of the monument to the fourth World Champion in Paris.

"I think that he is a unique figure", says Filatov, "a great chess player with a complex and controversial fate. He left Russia: he run away from the revolution. And then, in France, he cooperated with the Nazis, explaining that he tried to save his Jewish wife from a concentration camp... There is a normal attitude towards Alekhine in Israel, by the way. And we, in any case, must recognise the achievements of our compatriot, who was an outstanding player and died undefeated."

You can read Filatov's interview in full (in Russian).


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