Aleksandr Shimanov is Top-seed of the 85th St. Petersburg Championship Which Has Started Today

Время публикации: 05.05.2012 02:16 | Последнее обновление: 05.05.2012 09:21

The 85th St. Petersburg Men's Championship has started in the Northern capital of Russia today. Twelve players will determine the strongest in a one cycle round-robin. Aleksandr Shimanov, 20-year-old grandmaster, is a rating favourite of the tournament. Here is the list of the participants:  
Aleksandr Shimanov 2600
Valeriy Popov 2550
Vladimir Fedoseev 2546
Denis Yevseev 2529
Aleksey Goganov 2523
Sergey Klimov 2505
Evgeny Levin 2499
Ivan Rozum 2477
Igor Malakhov 2431
Vasily Usmanov 2358
Zviad Sichinava 2308
Pavel Martynov 2282

The pairings of the 1st round:  Klimov - Malakhov, Rozum - Levin, Yevseev - Sichinava, Usmanov - Popov, Shimanov - Fedoseev, Goganov - Martynov.
You can follow the games and the standings on St. Petersburg Chess federation website


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