Georgia's Golden Ring

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A lot of interesting things have happened since our first report from the Georgian Women Championship. 

The excursion to the Kortskheli nunnery was organized for the participants on a free day. 

Kortskheli Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary was founded in 1624-1639 by the governor of Mingrelia Levan II Dadiani. 

There's a beautiful garden in the Monastry. 

Sofiko Guramishvili and Inga Charkhaashvili rolled in lilac.

On our way back we've visited Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi. 

In the evening we've celebrated Lasha Janjghava's 42nd birtday. 

Everyone drank a toast to the hero of the day.

Charkhalashvili and Guramishvili after lilac started to drink in vakhtanguri style.

While Lomineishvili and Khurtsilava were tucking away the cake.

Sofiko Khukhashvili decided to fed up her thin namesake. 

The married couple Khotenashvili - Sulashvili ride bikes in the evenings together with Nino Batsiashvili.

Meri Arabidze collects seashells with her coach Aleko Arsenidze. 

The arbiter Lela Tandashvili

The expositions are prepared by fashion connoisseur Sofiko Guramishvili; and here's her worktable (not for chess at all):

She likes to sit at it for hours and analyse different combinations: the skills develop and this is what comes out in the end:                                             

Other players are also quite diligent.

At one of the rounds Lomineishvili decided to wear her lucky jacket, but it actually didn't help her. As a result, Maia scored 10 draws in 11 games! 

Not only with the jacket. The former Champion wearing fiery-red manicure... with golden accessories. She does it royally - red with yellow. 

Inga Charkhalashvili's accessories.

Inga from a more familiar angle. 

The hour hand of Sophie's watch points at 3 p.m. 
precisely - the start of the round. But which Sophie do we mean? There are a lot of Georgian players with such a name. 

The answer: Khukhashvili. Although on this photo she's already wearing some other "trinkets". 

Bellas legs at the start of the round...

...and in the end of it. 

Having won the competition, Bella Khotenashvili was the only player who got to know the taste of real Gold. 


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