Karpov's Psychologist Valery Krylov Hints that Korchnoi Wouldn't Have Been the Champion In Any Case

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The psychologist and masseur Valery Krylov said many interesting things in his interview to "Sport-Express"; in particular, about the period of work with Anatoly Karpov during his scandalous 1978 match with Korchnoi in Baguio.

Krylov confirmed that there were no drugs in the famous yoghurt given to Karpov during the games.

"There was nothing strange: cottage cheese, blackcurrants and microelements. I made yoghurt from that mixture and at certain time passed it on to Tolya via the arbiter. Madam Leeuwerik, the future wife of Korchnoi, created an uproar. It all ended with us doing preparations in the same room. I prepared for Karpov and she prepared for Korchnoi."
"Did she prepare yoghurt as well?
"Black caviar. She thought it's good for the brain."
"Is it not?"
"Not during a game. This food is heavy, takes a long time to digest. But I took the silver spoon, which I used to mix yoghurts, to Moscow. As a souvenir."
"Where is it now?"
"It's there, in the kitchen. My wife and I still use it."
(Krylov demonstrated the spoon in November 2010, specifically for our site.)

The specialist doesn't think that the KGB bugged Korchnoi in Baguio.

"That's quite unlikely. Let's think logically. Why would you get Korchnoi bugged? The only aim would have been to find out what he planned to play. If that was the case, the match score would have been different."

Finally, Krylov said a very mysterious phrase about the outcome of the match:

"At 5:5, did it seem to you that Korchnoi was going to be the World Champion?"
"No, it didn't. I knew something that now no one will, probably, ever know. It's not right to disclose the details while those people are still alive."
"Can you at least give us a hint? Korchnoi wouldn't have been the Champion in any case, would he?"
"You could say that. But if Fischer was in his place, then the outcome of the match would have been unclear."


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