The Semi-Final of the Ukrainian Championship Has Ended in Alushta. "2600"-Players Finished With Confidence

Время публикации: 13.05.2012 13:54 | Последнее обновление: 13.05.2012 14:42

The semi-final of the Ukrainian Championship has ended in Alushta. There were 125 participants, including 17 grandmasters, in this strong 9-round Swiss tournament.

The grandmasters Evgenij Miroshnichenko (2621), Yuriy Kuzubov (2623), Anton Korobov (2678) and Alexander Zubov (2617) gained 7 points out of 9. These four chess players earned places in the final. Out of the five rating-favourites, only Yaroslav Zherebukh wasn't able to get into this group.

The following ten players ended up half a point behind: the grandmasters Yuri Vovk (2562), Alexander Kovchan (2576), Yaroslav Zherebukh (2632) and Vladimir Onischuk (2516), the international masters Boris Kharchenko (2453), Denis Kovalev (2484), Vitaliy Bernadskiy (2454), Vitaly Sivuk (2454), Valery Shalimov (2374) and Timofey Iljin (2482).

The table published on the Ukrainian Chess Federation web site shows that Yuri Vovk finished in the fifth place and, consequently, gained the fifth available place in the final.

Next, the Ukrainian Rapid and Blitz Championships will be played in Alushta. And in the second half of the month the country's Club Championship will be held in the same Crimean town.



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