All Eyes On...Them

Время публикации: 13.05.2012 20:55 | Последнее обновление: 13.05.2012 20:59

Welcome to the match! Which way do you prefer?

Тhree-level chandelier will obviously follow you.

Firstly we have to examine the position on the emblem...

…get a group shot…

… аnd only then move on…

… to get a seat in the auditorium...

Gelfand makes first move

Anand parries.

A few places are left; close to the end of the game there won't be any not only here, 

but here as well,

in the chess yard,

and in the hall.

The Israeli painter Nir Slav, the son of the Chairman of the Israeli Chess federation Moshe Slav, presented the FIDE museum one of his works called "Noah's Ark." An interesting work, deep idea and... the hard fate of the author. The fact is that Nir Slav is physically challenged, he's almost unable to hear and speak. Nevertheless, the artist considers himself a very happy man: he can move independently, albeit with difficulties, he can paint and enjoy that his works are successful.

Moshe Slav: "In the Israeli chess the knight is a lion".

"What a hard job…"

Peter Doggers agrees.

Boris Postovsky is also always busy with something.

The representatives of RCF radiate good mood.

Albert Kapengut, Boris Postovsky and Yuri Vasiliev. What are they talking about? Surely about the challenger!

"How can we win Gelfand over the Russian team..."

Summer gains momentum…

... as well as the match!


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  • The 4th and 5th rounds of Tal Memorial continued the tradition of "no game without a fight!". Finally the event gathered more chess spectators (mostly because of celebrations, but still). The Pashkov House woke up. 

  • There were three chess events during the third rest day at the World Championship Match in Moscow. One of them was a match between blonds and brunettes. A year earlier blonds were literally demolished, but this time they took a no less convincing revenge.

  • An exhibition with chess thematic was opened in the Moscow House of Photography. It gathered best photos made in XX century, as well as chess sets presented to the museum during this period. 

  • The 7th Tal Memorial has finished in the Pashkov House. 

  • The third week of the match comes to its end, we got used to it and it's actually hard to believe that just in a day everything will finish and become a part of history. 

  • There was the final event of the World Championship Match in the Tretyakov Gallery: the closing ceremony and awarding of the prizes to the winner.

  • An unusual press conference was held today within the framework of the World Championship match which takes place in the State Tretyakov Gallery. The Israeli painter Nir Slav, the son of the Chairman of the Israeli Chess federation Moshe Slav, presented the FIDE museum one of his works called "Noah's Ark." 

  • Another two games of the match are over.

  • The weather was excellent today in Wijk - windless with the sun shining and even warming a bit. 

  • Here you can find the visual side of the Wijk aan Zee tournament. Have a look at everything that wasn't written, but was photographed.