The Pause

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Garry Kasparov in the spotlight of the World Championship match

Garry Kasparov's visit to the Tretyakov Gallery was the main event of the 6th playing day of the World Championship match. You can listen to the recording from the press conference of the 13th World Champion here (in Russian). 

Perhaps, the very start of the event was the most expressive part of it. The question "How did you evaluate the players before the match, and how do you evaluate them now, when half of the match is practically over?" was answered by Kasparov... with the pause of 15 seconds. His face expression in that moment showed that the pause wasn't connected to confusion at all.

We tweeted "The Best of..." Kasparov's press conference live on our twitter page:

Kasparov: "This match is significantly inferior on content as compared to all the matches in the past 10 years."

Kasparov: "Anand has lost his interest for the game, which marked him out in the past."

Kasparov: "It will be another draw soon."

"Still, a chance of a mistake increases with every game."

"This match has no relevance to determining the world's strongest player."

"Clearly, there are no extra strong players among teenagers in Russia."

"The situation in Russia doesn't facilitate intellectual development."

"These days, computers influence how young chess players assess positions and make decisions."

"If you are not a player like Carlsen, then it's difficult to avoid the temptation to use computer's recommendations."

"Giving three points for a win is excessive."

 "In Fischer random chess 95% of positions are absurd from the human point of view. Nevertheless, some are playable."

"Match Kramnik - Aronian was very entertaining. It contributed to the development of chess."

 "I'm quite happy with where I am at the moment."

Kasparov about himself, "Any professional understands that it's not possible to just sit down and start playing at the highest level."

"I could still fight in the blitz, but in the classical chess..."

Kasparov's score is +9 without losses against Gelfand and 15-3 against Anand ("definitely").

Kasparov has looked at the current position and said, "The number of pawns is now equal".

Kasparov, " Kramnik opened a new chapter in 'the Berlin' in 2000".

"But I can't see anything revolutionary in Gelfand's preparation."

"From the historical point of view, Anand is above Gelfand as a chess player."

"Nevertheless, I wouldn't be able to predict the outcome of the match at the moment."

"I wasn't planning to talk about politics, so as not to upset the organisers."

 "Now in Russia there is the biggest wave of emigration since 1917."

"Putin's Russia has two allies: the oil and gas." 

"Now there are benefactors appearing in chess."

"There can't be a long-term commercial contract in chess, by definition".

"Even if you ignore nonsense about aliens from FIDE President, his photos with Gaddafi immediately kill sponsors' desire to help."

Kasparov joined today's English speaking commentators: Svidler and ten Geuzendam. (They are looking at 18.Qe2 Qe4).

Kasparov,"Vishy's very good in neutralising small advantage. Usually, it's not possible to achieve anything against him in these situations."

Kasparov repeated, "Vishy lost his motivation". Meanwhile, Anand is thinking how to defend after 22.h4!?

"Anand is not the most stable player psychologically." (Gelfand's match strategy is being discussed).

"Match Kramnik - Aronian showed that the classical chess can be entertaining."

Anand chose 22...Qc6, probably a good move. Kasparov left Svidler and ten Geuzendam, went to see Svidler and Grischuk.

"Realistically, it's not possible to play serious chess after a seven-year break. I'm not ready for that at the moment".

Grischuk and Kasparov discussed the "losing" variation after 22.h4 - 22...Rce8 23.Bb4. [Although, there is 23...Bxf2+].

"Anand's opening is polished. Notice that he made the move 8...Be6 first, so as not to fall under 8...Nc6 9.Ne5.

Anand has gone into the endgame, where Kasparov doesn't see dangers for Black.

Smirin, "World Championship Matches have not quite exhausted themselves, but... it's difficult to say". Kasparov, "Final match must happen."

After his brief commentary Garry Kasparov wnet down tot he "chess yard" where he gave a simul (it hasn't finished yet). 

Elena Klimets's photo spread from the spot on our website soon. 


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