Moscow: "If Anyone Could Win the Match, That Was Gelfand", - Thinks Evgeny Bareev

Время публикации: 29.05.2012 18:27 | Последнее обновление: 30.05.2012 00:47

The R-Sport Agency quotes Evgeny Bareev, who summarized the results of the classical part of the World Championship Match held in the Tretyakov Gallery. 

"Has Gelfand already achieved success by bringing the match to the tie-break? No, I wouldn't put the question in that way - he actually didn't. That's because he could win the match taking into consideration Anand's current play, - thinks Bareev. -  Moreover, he just hadn't lose only one (8th) game, which he did. Generally, he had complete control over the match and he actually kept Anand, as it's usually said, at arm's length."

The Russian GM and official didn't risk predicting the result of the tie-break. "We can suggest the result on the basis of their experience in rapid chess, but as long as they're playing the World Championship match, which is organised in a specific way, Gelfand has to play four games of his life and I fully admit he will play them. He can, for example, win one game with White and draw other three games due to his brilliant preparation."    



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