Today the World Chess Champion will be Determined For the Next Two Years

Время публикации: 30.05.2012 11:04 | Последнее обновление: 30.05.2012 11:04

Today the chess world will know the name of the new (or "old-new") World Champion. The culminative part of the Anand - Gelfand match will start in the Tretyakov Gallery at 12:00 MSK Time. We can be confident that this will be the only day in their match, when both players will be fighting till the end. They're going to determine the strongest on a tie-break. There will be played 4 games with 25+10 time control; if the scores will be still tied after 4 games, there will be 2 more games with 5+3 rules. Should the tie persist, the opponents will play maximum 5 such blitz matches. If the deadlock still continues, there will be Armageddon game with 5 min.s to White and 4 to Black with 3-second addition starting from move 61, Black also wins in the case of a draw. 



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  • The long-term coach of Boris Gelfand Albert Kapengut has been surprised by the time the tie-break of the World Championship Match is planned to be held. 

  • The friendly match between the current Russian Champion Dmitry Andreikin and the former one Jan Nepomniachtchi has started today at 15:00 MSK Time in Moscow. The opponents will play six classical games, in  the case if any of them will last less than 3 hours, two rapid games with the time control 15+10 will be played the same day. Follow the first classical game of the match live.

  • The 5th game of the World Championship match Anand - Gelfand started at 15:00 MSK Time in the State Tretyakov Gallery. The World Champion is White. Follow us to get all the news from the spot and listen to our Chess-News radio live from the press center. The Ukrainian GM Anton Korobov will join us in commentating the game. 

  • The 3rd game of the World Championship match has started several minutes ago in the Tretyakov Gallery; this time the Indian player is White. The Grunfeld defence is played again, however, the world champion chose another line than in the first match game already on move 3. Watch the game live, follow news on our website and Twitter page, listen to the Chess-News radio which will gather several interesting guests. 

  • The penultimate classical game of the World Championship Match between Boris Gelfand and Viswanathan Anand has started at 15.00 Moscow time at the Tretyakov Gallery. The Candidate will try to use his first move advantage for the last time in the main part of the match. Follow the game live and the news on our site and on our Twitter page. You can also listen to the live radio (in Russian) with the World Ex-champion of FIDE Ruslan Ponomariov as a guest.

  • The culminating point of the World Championship match has started after the free day in the Tretyakov Gallery. Today Boris Gelfand is playing White. Let us remind you that after two decisive games in a row the score is equal. You can follow the game live, check out news on our website and Twitter page

  • The sixth game of the Anand - Gelfand World Championship Match, held in the engineering building of the Tretyakov Gallery, will start at 15.00 Moscow time. The Candidate is playing with white. However, the visit of the thirteenth World Champion Garry Kasparov to the location is no less significant. Follow the news on our site and tweets on our Twitter page, which will start in a minute.

  • At the moment Boris Gelfand and Viswanathan Anand started to play the 7th game of the World Championshiop match at the Tretyakov Gallery. Gelfand is White for the second time in a row. He again played Slav defence with a6 and e6. The challanger firstly in the match played 6.c5.

  • Ukrainian will get additional 5% of the prize fund for playing in challenger's homecountry

  • Hou Yifan and Victoria Cmilyte will compete in Corsica