Judit Polgar is Delighted With the Tie-Break, She Praises Gelfand and Congratulates Anand

Время публикации: 31.05.2012 15:46 | Последнее обновление: 31.05.2012 15:46

Judit Polgar shared her impressions on the tie-break for the World Champion title that was held yesterday on her blog. The event delighted the Hungarian player. According to her she liked that "in the second game, after a very bad opening, Boris could turn it around and get a fantastic counter play [...] Then Boris made a serious mistake, which probably cost him the match. He was always behind on the clock with under a minute. Even this way he played very strong but as in game 2 he lost the thread and the game. Even though with more time he should have made a draw."

Polgar believes Gelfand surpassed Anand in the opening preparation: "Actually, it was a surprise for me that Anand was avoiding the main lines in the Sicilian. It probably means that he also had great respect for Gelfand's preparation [...] I think the match itself was very balanced, very close. Actually, Anand was not in a great form at all. He did not seem to be hungry for the game! While Gelfand was fighting as he would do it for his life, especially in the play-offs."

"Some say the 12 classical games were not so exciting. I have admit, I think that some of them could have been played out longer really. On the other hand, the rules do not forbid to offer a draw any time of the game at all. So when you have big, no sorry, enormous pressure and there is nothing more you want but to win the overall match and you believe that half a point makes you to get closer then, of course, you do not care about the spectators, if they are happy with what they see or not."

Finally, the World's leading women player congratulates Anand with defending the title and expresses confidence that "this match just made Boris' motivation even higher, because he could see that he can put up a fight with the best chess player on the planet of the time."



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