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Valentina Gunina is the strongest Blitz player of the world   

The Women's World Blitz Chess Championship which has finished in Batumi, Georgia determined the world's strongest blitz player - Russian Valentina Gunina: She scored a phenomenal 8 out of 8 in the first playing day of the Championship which allowed her to lead comfortably in the second part of the competition. Today she drew three times and gained another 4 wins. One of the most spectacular wins made her the Champion one round to go.

The European Champion in classical chess Valentina Gunina told us that before Batumi she went to Germany for practicing playing blitz. "In general I love playing blitz, she said. - I participate in a lot of competitions that are held in Moscow, so I got some skills in blitz."

Natalia Zhukova took silver, while Anna Muzychuk grabbed bronze. Both players scored 10.5 - being 2.5 points behind the winner. "The chess moves she makes are bad, but her body language is very graceful," - characterized Emil Sutovsky Natalia's play and recommended to observe that "tale". The observations as well as the final result showed that the ACP President was wrong in one part of the parts of his considerations.

Kosteniuk gathered 10 points and was near to winning the medal. She complained of the unsuccessful first day of the competition on her Twitter page. 

From our live Twitter transmission our followers could see which mistake deprived Chiburdanidze any chances for winning the medal, how Lahno had her revenge against Stefanova for  the mate, which drink was chosen by Gunina during the games and the pretty end of her decisive attack.        

Batumi: the 2nd day of the Women's World Blitz Championship. LIVE |
Batumi, blitz: Gunina has a cup of coffee next to her left hand. PHOTO.
Batumi, blitz: Gunina nd Muzychuk A. finished their game peacefully, Dzagnidze blunder a one-move mate in a better position.
Blitz. Muzychuk M., Batsiashvili, Stefanova and Cori won in Round 9...
Blitz. Gunina's still comfortably leading (8.5/9). Pairigns for Round 10: Gunina - Batsiashvili, Muzychuk M. - Stefanova, Muzychuk a. - Lahno.

Blitz, Round 10. Gunina - Batsiashvili 1/2, Muzychuk М. - Stefanova 0-1, Muzychuk А. - Lahno 1/2, Dzagnidze - Cori 1/2, Zhukova - Chiburdanidze 1-0.
Blitz. WCh., Batumi. After 10 rounds out of 15: Gunina - 9, Batsiashvili, Muzychuk М., Muzychuk А., Stefanova, Zhukova - 7.

Muzychuk А.- Lahno (Round 10). Earlier Black stood worse, but here it missed a win 39...Qf4 40.Qe5 Nf1+! and 41...Qf2.

Blitz. Round 11 s started: Stefanova - Gunina, Batsiashvili - Muzychuk А., Kosteniuk - Muzychuk М., Cori - Zhukova
11th round Cori - Zhukova: after both sides repetead position many times, the fight continues. Stefanova - Gunina 1/2, Batsiashvili - Muzychuk A. 0-1
Blitz WCh., Batumi.  Round 11. Kosteniuk - Muzychuk М. 1-0, Cori - Zhukova 1/2. 4 rounds before the finish: 1. Gunina - 9.5 out of 11, 2. Muzychuk А. - 8.

Stefanova - Gunina, 11th round. White forced the draw by sacrificing the queen 39.Qxh5+!. (Round 12 will start in 10 min.s).

Lomineishvili - Zhao Xue, Round 11. White forgot to take inter 28.Nxf6+ and later lost.

Gunina - Kosteniuk. Round 12. PHOTO
Blitz WCh. Round 12 is under way: Gunina 9.5 - Kosteniuk 7.5, Muzychuk A. 8 - Pahetz 6.5, Dzagnidze 7.5 - Stefanova 7.5 Zhukova 7.5 - Batsiashvili 7

Muzychuk М.-Lahno, Round 12. White could win in one move: 24.h5!
Round 12: Gunina - Kosteniuk 1/2, Muzychuk A.-Pahetz 1-0, Dzagnidze - Stefanova 0-1, Zhukova - Batsiashvili 1/2, Muzychuk М.-Lahno 0-1.
Gunina is a point ahead of Muzychuk A. 3 rounds before the finish. Round 13 starts in 15 min.s.

Round 13: Lahno 8 - Gunina 10, Kosteniuk 8 - Muzychuk А. 9, Stefanova 8.5 - Zhukova 8. The round starts right now!
The table of the Women's World Blitz Championship (Batumi) after 12 rounds out of 15:
Round 13: Lahno (8) - Gunina (10) 0-1, Kosteniuk (8) - Muzychuk  А. (9) 1-0, Stefanova (8.5) - Zhukova (8) 1/2
WCh. blitz, Batumi. There's no intrigue anymore! After 13 rounds out of 15: Gunina - 11 Stefanova, Kosteniuk - 9

Lahno - Gunina, Round 13: 21.Qf2? f6!, black won an exchange (Bd3) and then the game.

Round 14 (out of 15): Zhao Xue 8 - Gunina 11, Dzagnidze 8.5 - Kosteniuk 9, Muzychuk А. 9 - Chiburdanidze 8, Lahno 8 - Stefanova 9
The penultimate round of the women's world blitz championship has started in Batumi. The games can be followed here:
Valentina Gunina beat Zhao Xue and won the championship one round to go! 

Zhao Xue  - Gunina: 25...Rxg3! (prettiest way leading to win), and after three moves white resigned. Gunina is the World Champion!
Lahno return one against Stefanova who played to the end again but just in case, there was nothing to mate with. PHOTO
Blitz. Round 14 (out of 15): Zhao Zue - Gunina 0-1, Dzagnidze - Kosteniuk 1-0, Muzychuk А. - Chiburdanidze 1-0, Lahno - Stefanova 1-0
Batumi, blitz, Round 14: Kosteniuk dropped the flag in her game against Dzagnidze.

This unbelievable mistake perhaps cost Maia the medal. Muzychuk  А. - Chiburdanidze 31...Kg7??. Winning was Kh7 Qf6 Qxf1+
The final position in the game Lomineishvili - Muzychuk А.. PHOTO
Round 15, the final one: Gunina 12- Khotenashvili 8.5, Lomineishvili - Muzychuk А. 10, Dzagnidze 9.5-Zhukova 9.5, Kosteniuk 9- Lahno 9, Stefanova 9 -Тan Zhongyi 8.5
Having made a quik draw in the final round of the World Blitz Ch. anna Muzychuk secured herself a medal (Valentina Gunina has already won the title)
The final 15th round: Gunina - Khotenashvili 1-0, Lomineishvili - Muzychuk А. 1/2, Dzagnidze - Zhukova 0-1, Kosteniuk -Lahno 1-0, Stefanova -Tan Zhongyi 1/2

Women's World Blitz Championship Final Standings:
 World Blitz Championship: Natalia Zhukova won silver, Anna Muzychuk grabbed bronze |

This festive event for women's chess held in Batumi and organised by the Association of Chess Professionals and the Georgian chess Federation has finished. The World Rapid Chess Champion Antoaneta Stefanova and the World Blitz Chess Champion Valentina Gunina will wear their crowns at 21:00 MSK Time. We will offer you a large photo spread from the spot soon. 


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  • The first day of the Women's World Blitz Championship has finished today in Batumi, Georgia. The Russian player Valentina Gunina is an undoubted hero of it. After she had 3 points out of three rounds Gunina wondered "How lucky I am". Gunina continued "being lucky" throughout all the following rounds. Valentina outplayed Georgians Chiburdanidze, Khukhashvili, Georgian Spanish Matnadze, Ukrainians Muzychuk Mariya and Natalia Zhukova, Chinese Tan Zhongyi and Cori Deysi of Peru.

  • The Women's Blitz World Championship has just ended in Batumi. The tournament was held as a 15-round Swiss. The Russian Valentina Gunina (the European Champion in classical chess) secured the first place with a round to spare. Gunina won in the final round as well (against Bela Khotenashvili) and scored the total of 13 points out of 15. It's an unqualified success!

  • The second and deciding day of the Women's Blitz World Championship has started at 15.00 Moscow time. Here's the reminder of the standings after eight rounds:

    Gunina - 8 points
    А.Muzychuk, М.Muzychuk, Dzagnidze, Zhukova - 6 each
    Huang Qian, Batsiashvili - 5.5 each

  • The tenth and penultimate round games of the Women's Rapid World Championship have started at 15.00 Moscow time. The sole leader Antoaneta Stefanova is White against Anna Muzychuk; Alexandra Kosteniuk, who's chasing the Bulgarian, also has White against Kateryna Lahno. Follow these and other games live and listen to the commentary by Mark Dvoretsky and other guests of the press centre on our site.

  • The 1st round of the Women's World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship has started at 15:00 MSK Time in Batumi, Georgia. Among 50 participants who will fight in the competition there are legendary Maia Chiburdanidze, Nona Gaprindashvili and Nino Gurieli. The participants will play three rounds in the upcoming three days: at 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00, while the final day of the tournament will have only two rounds at 15:00 and 17:00. 

  • Another World Championship is under way: among women in rapid and blitz      

  • The Women's World ex-Champion in classical chess Antoaneta Stefanova has just become the Rapid World Champion.

    At the start of the final round of the World Championship in Batumi, Stefanova's main rival Kateryna Lahno, who was half a point behind, satisfied herself with a draw against Anna Muzychuk.

    Stefanova slowly ended up in a bad position against Dronavalli Harika.

  • The final round of the Women's Rapid World Championship has just started in Batumi.

    The pairings in the deciding games are:
    Harika (7) - Stefanova (8)
    Lahno (7.5) - А.Muzychuk (7)
    Tan Zhongyi (6.5) - Koneru (7)
    Khurtsidze (6) - Kosteniuk (7)
    Javakhishvili (6) - Dzagnidze (6.5)

  • The Russian Valentina Gunina has just won the Women's Blitz World Championship in Batumi with a round to spare.

  • Women's Rapid and Blitz World Championships that were held at the beginning of June are still fresh in memory. One can hardly wish for more comfort than we had in Batumi: a five-star hotel, luxurious room, delicious food and the sea nearby. The atmosphere facilitated creative play.