Ali Nihat Yazici Stops Seven Federations From Sending Their Arbiters to the Olympiad, "Some Contribute Only 'Bla, Bla' And Do Nothing But Damage Our Family"

Время публикации: 06.06.2012 14:00 | Последнее обновление: 06.06.2012 14:07

The President of the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) Ali Nihat Yazici made an announcement about disallowing some federations from sending their arbiters to work at the forthcoming Olympiad in Istanbul. Yazici explained the reasons for this decision.

Dear Chess Family, 

I was invited by FIDE to participate in the meeting in Athens to select the arbiters for the 40th Chess Olympiad. I went to the meeting on 3rd May 2012.

A list was drawn up, respecting the proposals of the Continental Presidents. However, on behalf of TSF, we have refused to accept some of the names on that list. These refusals are in no way personal, they are solely related to matters of chess and its well-being.

Some federations launched or supported court cases  against FIDE and thus created financial problems for FIDE and a loss of distributable income for worldwide chess development. We believe that the damage that they thus inflicted on chess development around the world should be repaired by them reimbursing the lost funds, so that those funds can, as originally budgeted, be spent on chess development. We further believe that until that has been done, those federations should not be given any arbiter or Appeals Committee position  by FIDE. As TSF we respect legal issues; all players will be protected, whatever the actions of their federation.

I want everybody to look at this from  our point of view. Each year, my federation contributes to FIDE €50-100,000. The damage created by the Karpov versus FIDE case is around USD 1 million. The case was purely political. The plaintiffs lost that court case. They did not even offer an apology for the damage their action inflicted on a large majority of national chess federations! 

The federations that supported that action have done nothing for chess but damage FIDE financially, forcibly diverting resources that would otherwise have been used for chess development (CACDEC, chess in schools, marketing, trainers, etc.). 

Therefore, as TSF we react as a federation that has suffered from the actions of those 7 federations. We work hard, doing our best for chess, while some contribute only “bla, bla” and do nothing but damage our family. 

Should we be quiet and cross our fingers that they will learn? Or should we act? 

We prefer to act and fight for our chess family. That is our position and the reasoning behind our decision. 

Best regards 


Yazici doesn't clarify in his letter which seven federations he's referring to. Possibly they include the federations of the U.S.A., Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Georgia and Ukraine because they are the ones that sued FIDE.

* * *

The content and the tone of the letter remind about the recent speech by Vladimir Putin at the February meeting in "Luzhniki", which became famous.


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