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The Georgian and Azerbaijani teams are playing a friendly match

The friendly match between the Georgian and Azerbaijani teams has started in hot Tbilisi (it's 30 degrees Celsius in the shadow). Prior to that, for the first and the last time, these teams met in 1972 and Georgians won decisively 17.5-10.5.

The Chess Palace in Tbilisi. Everything is ready for the start of the match

The team Azerbaijan:
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
Gadir Guseinov
Rauf Mamedov
Eltaj Safarli
Vasif Durarbayli

The team Georgia:
Baadur Jobava
Levan Pantsulaia
Mikheil Mchedlishvili
Konstantine Shanava
Merab Gagunashvili

The match is being played according to the 5-round Scheveningen System (each member of one team will play against each member of another team). The tournament will be unrated by agreement from both sides.

 Vladimir Tukmakov is giving the final instructions to his players

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov won against Levan Pantsulaia in 1.5 hours. And it was the Georgian grandmaster who spent on thinking almost all of that time. The Azeri leader caught his opponent out in an opening variation.

The head coach of the Georgian team is Khvicha Supatashvili (with the sunglasses)

The park Verisbagi is nearby, in case the chess players get too hot. 

The games start every day at 15.00 Moscow time. Live transmission


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