Alexander Khalifman: "Vishy Will Lose His Next Match, No Matter Who Will Be His Rival"

Время публикации: 08.06.2012 23:11 | Последнее обновление: 08.06.2012 23:11

In the interview (in Russian) to Chesspro the former FIDE World Champion Alexander Khalifman paid a tribute to both participants of the World Championship match and confessed that he was supporting Boris Gelfand of Israel. "He did well! He's a hero of the month and the year. I completely empathize with him. He did everything for a win, but he missed just a little bit to gain it; and fool knows where to find that "little bit"" 

In Khalifman's opinion Anand "didn't guess something about the match" which made him nervous and Gelfand would win the match if he had won not the 7th game, but the one closer to finish. 

"If he had won not the 7th, but 9th game, he'd be able to plan his play for the last three games. But five! That's a bit early. I'm not going to judge him. When you are so close to winning the title, anything can happen to you. Gelfand really did well, he had been doing a lot of things correctly, but... why did he play in that Benoni-style!? I don't understand that and actually that's impossible to understand. [...] He dropped a brick. If that was Game 10 he wouldn't do that. Everyone understood that after 7th game Vishy got groggy, but even then... he [Gelfand - CN] shouldn't do that! Anand being even in such a complicated psychological condition is good in playing with a "hand". What was proved by him. And what about Borya? It seems like he went down to the very bottom and then he just realized that there wasn't the bottom under the feet any longer. And that has knocked him down. [...] I won't judge him. What was he thinking about at that moment? I think it was a terrific blunder. Not the move Qf6, but choosing that opening..."

Khalifman is quite pessimistic about the future of the players:

"Vishy will lose his next match, no matter who will be his rival. I only want to wish him to lose respectably. It's too late to be mounting the throne at 44."

"In my mind, it's time to retire after 40! But in Borya's case - he has to decide that. I have neither opinions, nor recommendations. Gelfand is an extremely exceptional person. Despite the delight brought by his wins, I suspect that the show is over."



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